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Year 3 Learning

Year 3

Spring Term at a Glance



The Groovy Greeks

Third Rock from the Sun


Book Spine


Greek Myths and Legends

Escape from Pompeii



Escape from Pompeii

Information Texts




Narrative –Myths and Legends.

Non-Fiction Information writing- -Report on the legacies of Ancient Greece.




powerful verbs, inverted commas

to use a range of conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause and place across a range of independent writing.

! , . Cls ‘



Headings and sub headings.



Non-Fiction-Rocks and Soils and Crystals. Information writing- Report on The Rock Cycle.

Stone age to Iron Age Report,


Reading Comprehensions:

The Earth’s Crust, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Fossils, Mary Anning


Prefixes, suffixes, adjectives, powerful verb, paragraphs, headings and sub headings.

Specific vocabulary

? ! , , Cls






Place value

+ by partitioning

Doubles and halves

Recall 2,3,4,5,8 and 10.

Multiplication word problems.

Inverse operations.

Count in multiples of

4, 8, 50 and 100


Find 10 more/less


Find 100 more/less

2D /3D shape

Measuring perimeters.


Venn diagrams

Carroll diagrams


Recall 2,3, 4,5, 8 and 10

The grid method


Place value money

Subtraction with a blank number line

Column method +


Days of the week

Roman numerals

Measurement conversions

Fractions- finding 1/3’s





To compare how different things move on different surfaces.




To describe and group rocks and soils on the basis of their characteristics including appearance, texture and permeability.






To create line drawings of different types of rocks and Stone Henge.





To use popplet to create mind maps about democracy.

To start to design own coding games.

Espresso-Coding To learn about computer coding.






To design and create an outfit using recycled materials for a

Greek hero or Heroine. To the present outfits in a Greek fashion show





To continue to learn about the Mediterranean. To describe the physical features in a locality.

To recognise the eight points of a compass.

Name countries located in the Northern hemisphere.


To describe how volcanoes are created. To describe how earthquakes are created. To describe how volcanoes have an impact on people’s lives. Name and locate some of the world’s most famous volcanoes.




To describe events and periods using BC and BCE.

To study Greek life and achievements and their influence on the world, linked to legacy. Researching buildings, columns,

farming, theatre, men and women, children and education.

Stone Age to Iron Age

Late Neolithic hunter gathers and early farmers- nomadic to settlers

Skara Brae

Bronze age religion and travel

Stonehenge, Iron Age Hill forts, tribal kingdoms farming , art and culture.







Our song for the half term is ‘Zero to Hero’ from the film Hercules.

To use different musical instruments and entertainment in Ancient Greece.


We will be listening to Gustav Holst-The Planets and learning to sue the glockenspiel and percussion instruments.





Developing Skills

Travel with control whilst bouncing a ball.

Use a range of skills to help them keep possession and control of the ball.


Selecting and Applying skills and tactics

Choose and use batting or own throwing skills to make the game hard for their opponents.


Swimming 3M

To begin to use arms and legs in the correct manner for their chosen stroke.

To swim up to 25metres in water unaided.


Developing Skills

To throw with accuracy and power into a target

To show the difference between sprinting and running.

Selecting and Applying skills and tactics

Choose and use throwing to reach a target.









Living long, Living strong .Our focus will be on feeling happy and staying healthy and overcoming barriers to reach goals.

Democracy and citizenship in Ancient Greece.

We will discuss our right to be different. How do we show or hide our feelings in ways which we can stand up for ourselves responsibly and safely.




How do we help others?

Christian Aid

Islamic Aid and Oxfam. How did they begin and why?

Comic and Sports Relief what is the story behind them.


Our topic for this half term is ’That’s not fair or is it?’


We will be discussing how can we can help others.