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Year 2 Learning

Year 2 Autumn 1: The Big Smoke


Music: As well as learning songs related to the Great Fire of London, we will also explore rhythm.


R.E: This term the children will look at light in religion e.g. lights at Christmas and during Hanukkah.


P.E: Movement and spatial awareness, sending and receiving by throwing, catching and kicking.


Art/ DT: This half term our Art focus is printing. We will print using various different materials including cardboard, string, natural and man-made materials. We might even use our hands to print near the end of half term!


Geography: We will be exploring locations in the past and comparing them to the present. We will be able to use a map to locate different landmarks in London.


Science: In science we will focus on materials and their properties; making links to the materials used for buildings around the time of the Great Fire of London.


Computing: Word processing skills and coding programs.


History: The children will be exploring the events of the Great Fire of London and The Bubonic Plague. They will look at the diary written by Samuel Pepys as a secondary source for all the information.


Literacy: In Literacy we read Samuel Pepys’s diary to learn the events of the Great Fire of London. We will write our own diary entry to recount the events as an eye witness! We will write instructions for various different things including how to get rid of the Bubonic Plague!


Maths: In Maths we will be developing our understanding of place value including ordering and comparing numbers between 0-100. This understanding then will be applied to addition and subtraction of two 2-digit numbers using place value which is a huge objective for Year 2. Finally, before our half term we will review our 2D shapes and their properties to form the understanding for 3D shapes later in the year.


Enrichment/School Trip: Visit to our Wild Garden for Great Fire of London enrichment and marshmallow toasting!


PSHE: It’s Our World. How we are looking after the world and the people that live in it.