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Year 3 Autumn 1 Topic: The Valley of The Kings


Science: We will investigate how forces can be varied to control movement. We learn how magnets interact and test their strength.


History: We will learn how Egypt developed and about key events and inventions in ancient times. We will write instructions about how to make a mummy!


Geography: We will use atlases to investigate the physical geography of Egypt. We will learn why the Nile is so important and how it affects daily life.


PHSEE and RE: After creating our class charter and rules we will discuss why we need rules. We will learn about some rules from Judaism, learning about Moses’ life.


English: We will use the ‘Talk for Writing’ scheme to learn how to write instructions. We will also be reading stories with familiar settings, and learn how to use our senses when writing a setting paragraph. We will write a story set in a park. During discussions we will learn to give evidence to back up our opinions.


Maths: We begin using what we know about pairs of numbers that total ten, to help us make totals of 100. We will place numbers on blank numberlines and use this to perform addition and subtraction calculations. 2,3,4,5 & 10 times tables will be reinforced in multiplication and division problems.


Art: Inspired by some Egyptian treasures we will be designing and painting death masks! Creating texture using collage will be a Y3 skill.


Design & Technology: We will use hot glue guns when making simple hovercraft, and then investigate their movement on different surfaces.


Computing: Our main focus for this half term is internet safety, learning about guarding personal details and making safe and considerate choices online.


Music: We will be learning and performing ‘Three Little Birds’ and playing games to increase our understanding of rhythm and pitch.