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Year 3 - Spring 1 Topic: Ancient Greece


Science: We will investigate the role of different plant parts. We consider different methods of seed dispersal and how water moves in the plant.


History: Ancient Greece has influenced our life today in many ways, democracy, the Olympics, theatre


Geography: We will be learning about the Mediterranean, its countries, climate and diet, and making comparisons with the UK. We will use eight compass points.


PSHEE: We’re living long and living strong this half term. We’ll consider healthy choices we can make, and some of the barriers we might have to overcome.


English: Our main genre this half term is Greek myths. We will learn about creating effective character descriptions using similes (as brave as a lion) We will use abstract nouns when writing about settings (for example the labyrinth of despair). Characters will start to have extended conversations to reinforce speech marks.


Maths: We will move from adding two three-digit numbers to starting to use the formal column method of addition. We will use estimating and rounding as strategies to help us check totals. We work on multiples of 2,3,4,5 and 10, and double the four times table to learn the eight times table.


PE: This half term 3M will be going to Garston for swimming lessons. We will all play team games in our dry PE sessions.


Art: We will use collage and printing skills to create Greek shields. We will take pictures and patterns from Ancient Greek pots for inspiration.


Computing: We will continue coding but now add selection and conditional events, e.g. adding code so that a moving object stops before it hits a barrier.


Music: We will be continuing the mythical theme, with a unit inspired by the song ‘Dragon’. PSHEE links include respect, friendship and acceptance.