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Year 3 Summer 2 Curriculum Map: There's No Place Like Home !


Music: The children will be listening to the music from The Wizard of Oz. We will also be exploring country and western music linked to Kansas.


R.E: There is no R.E topic to complete this half term.


P.E: We will be going outdoors for P.E (Please ensure your children have a white T-shirt, black/navy shorts and a pair of pumps or trainers). Dates for Sports Day will be announced soon.


Art/DT: We will be designing a healthy picnic for Dorothy’s basket.


Computing: Children will be designing their own game app.


Geography: We are learning about OS symbols and the 8 points of the compass. We are also looking at different countries in the northern hemisphere.


Science: We are learning about a healthy diet for humans and other animals. We will also be finding out about our skeletons, how they grow, help to make us to move and provide protection.


History: We do not have a history topic to complete this half term. However we will be revisiting the Bronze Age. To further explore life and the legacy of this period in history.


Literacy: Our topic is adventure writing and shape poems. We will identify the features of an adventure story. Then explore and write different settings. The children will also write character profiles along with using inverted commas for speech between characters. Children will extend their sentences using conjunctions, pronouns, prepositions and fronted adverbials.


Maths: We are using different units of measurement linked to time and distance. We will also be introducing scale maps of Kansas and grid references. All children will make their own map of Oz. We will continue to use fractions linked to money and shape. This half term we will continue to use a blank number line to find answers to division calculations and how to represent remainders. Children will also revise perimeter.


School Trips: We are going to visit the Festival Gardens. The children will be doing observational drawings of the different types of plants and flowers.


PSHE: We will be discussing changes. Addressing any concerns about moving to Year 4.  Through P4C we will be posing questions linked to our topic. Would you break rules? E.g. Would you leave the yellow brick road?