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Spring 2

Next Stay and Play : 20th and 21st March


Nursery Spring 2 Topic Web: Jack and the Beanstalk


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We are developing our turn taking and sharing skills. We are building our resilience and working towards winning and losing well!


Physical Development: We are working on our fine motor skills using tools and brushes. Outside we are making obstacle course to improve our climbing and balancing .It also helps us take risks.


Communication and Language: We are practising making eye contact and tuning to face each other whenever we speak or listen.


Expressive Arts and Design: We are using our imagination to change the endings of familiar stories. Paul Klee is inspiring us to create big art using shapes.


Understanding the World: We are thinking about similar and different homes and what happens in them.


Literacy: We will use props and pictures to sequence and act out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, joining in refrains and anticipating key events and phrases in the story. We will be using pictures to prompt our language building.


Mathematical Development: We will be counting beyond 10 and solving simple maths problems. In line with our art topic we will be finding shapes in the environment and talking about their properties.