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From November 2019 our school meals have been provided by 'Food for Thought Liverpool' a 'not for profit' healthy school meals caterer.


Food for Thought serves over 50,000 meals each month in over twenty schools in Liverpool.  For the last two years, having achieved the Soil Association's Gold Award, all our kitchens serve, in the main, free range and locally sourced meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. 

The meals at our school are prepared and cooked entirely on the school premises by our kitchen staff that use locally sourced ingredients. The menus are carefully balanced and the children are surveyed to see what improvements can be made. School meals are currently priced at £2.00 per day.

From 1st January 2015, The School Food Standards Agency has advised that schools are now required to make available for all children lower fat milk or lactose reduced milk each day. We will be making milk available during lunch time for all children should they wish to have some. This includes children who have packed lunches. At this time we do not plan to add a charge to parents who are not entitled to FSM (free school meals), although we may have to review this in the future. School will also continue to provide milk to Infant children during their morning break. No fizzy drinks are allowed in school. Children on packed lunches may bring a carton of fruit juice.

Spring 2: Dinner Menu

Monday 24th February until Friday 10th April

SMH School Food & Nutrition Policy
Liverpool Healthy Schools, School Meals Audit Report (21.09.16)

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Allergen Advice and Dietary Needs

If your child has any special dietary needs please do not hesitate to contact the catering manager Mrs OFarrell.

Allergen Information Table
This table contains a list of common allergies and the foodstuffs where they may found.



Celery Stalks, leaves and seeds, also celeriac in salads, soups and some meat products


Wheat, rye and barley and foods containing flour such as bread, pasta, cakes and pastries


Prawns, lobster, scampi, crab and shrimp paste


In cakes, mousses, sauces, pasta, quiche, mayonnaise and foods brushed with egg


In some salad dressings, pizzas, fish sauce, and some soy & Worcestershire sauces


Lupin seeds and flour in some types of bread and pastries


In yogurt, cream, cheese, butter, milk powders and food glazed with milk


Such as mussels, whelks, squid, land snails, and oyster sauce


In liquid, powder and seed forms, also in salad dressings, marinades, soups, sauces, curries, and meat products


In sauces, desserts, crackers, bread, ice cream, marzipan, ground almonds and nut oil


In sauces, cakes, desserts, groundnut oil and peanut oil


In bread, bread-sticks, tahini, houmous and sesame oil


As tofu, bean curd, soya flour and soya protein, in some desserts, sauces and vegetarian products


In meat products, fruit juice drinks, dried fruit and vegetables, wine