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Safeguarding at St Michael in the Hamlet



A Safe School

All our staff are committed to maintaining a safe environment and promote the health, safety and wellbeing of all. All staff receive a safeguarding induction when they start working in school and receive regular updates and annual refresher training in safeguarding.


As a Safeguarding school we work closely with other agencies including the Community Police, School Health, Local Authority Health and Safety advisors, Careline and the Early Help Hubs. Our aim is to work in partnership to offer the best early support for our children and families, and ensure the children’s safety and wellbeing is a priority.



If you have any questions about any aspect of Safeguarding please contact either office and ask for the key staff named below:


The Safeguarding Lead is Laura Moreton - Acting Head


Emotional, Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead is Laura Moreton - Acting Head


The Safeguarding Deputy is Christine Jones – SEND Lead


The Governor with Safeguarding responsibility is Amanda Patmore – contactable via the School Office.


The Attendance Lead is Gill Larsen - based in the Infants


Please find links below to two key Safeguarding policies as well as our Safeguarding Curriculum which details the key messages we teach the children and how we reinforce key learning and build on their understanding as they age and move through the school.


In the News

You may have heard the following terms in relation to Safeguarding in the news. Please click on the terms below to find out more. If you feel there are other terms you would like more information about shared here please let the school office know.