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Reception Learning

Reception Autumn 1: All Together Now


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will get to know each other and make good relationships with both children and adults. We will gain confidence, by trying new activities and experiences and say when we need help.


Physical Development: We will learn to wash our hands, manage our personal needs and put our coats on. We will manage our personal space successfully and change position and direction as necessary. We will strengthen our hands with fine motor skills activities.


Communication and Language: We will listen in the classroom and outdoors, to others, one to one or in small groups. We will be focusing on developing our vocabulary, especially naming words, and celebrating new words that we use.


Understanding the World: We will be learning about our school, our local community, our city and our world and our responsibility to look after the earth. We will learn about sharing the extra we have with others, at our Harvest Festival.


Expressive Arts and Design: We will be exploring a range of materials, indoors and outdoors and using a range of tools to create desired effects. We will be using natural objects that we collect to create sculptures and pictures.


Literacy: We have phonics daily. We use Jolly Phonics and teach phonics in a multisensory way. We sing nursery rhymes and songs every day and we read stories throughout the day. We have two reading areas and an outdoor area for reading. Our first Talk for Writing text is Elmer. We will be looking at our  personal differences and similarities.


Maths: Maths activities take part throughout the entire day. We focus on Number and Shape, Space and Measure. Every afternoon starts with a maths input. This involves practical activities, songs and games. The children have plenty of opportunities to explore measures through sand and water play, construction etc


We have P.E on Friday mornings. We will start to use P.E kits in January.


We will begin sending reading books home on Wednesday 2nd October.  Please return your child’s book bag every Wednesday morning to be changed that afternoon.