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Reception Summer 2: We’re all going on a Summer holiday!


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will continue to encourage each other to confidently try new activities and say why we like some activities more than others. We will continue to show sensitivity to others feelings and needs and form positive relationships with both children and adults.


Physical Development: We will continue to have daily gross-motor activities in class including yoga, massage and wake up and shake up dancing. We will be focusing on eating healthy food linked to our pizza express trip.


Communication and Language: We will sing and chant lots of rhymes and songs daily. We will have show and tell and news time for the children to share their experiences/ special items with their class. We have story telling sessions with props to encourage speaking and listening with peers.


Understanding the World: We will recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools and understand why we select and use technology for particular purposes. We will talk about the features of our own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another.


Expressive Arts and Design: We will learn how to safely use and explore a variety of tools and materials. We will be having weekly sessions from the ‘Mini Maestros’ who will help us explore different instruments, rhythms, songs and how to perform as a group working collaboratively.


Literacy: Our main ‘Talk 4 Writing’ text will be ‘Mr Gumpy’s outing’. We will be acting out stories, sequencing the events in a story map, modifying the characters and setting and having a go at writing and telling our own story with the structure already learnt. Daily we will have stories, songs, rhymes and phonics. We will be writing simple sentences that can be read by both ourselves and others.


Mathematics: We will be focusing on addition and subtraction and recalling number bonds to 5. We will explore length, height and capacity using mathematical language to describe and compare. We will continue to explore 3D shapes and describe their properties. We will solve problems involving doubling, halving and sharing. We will use real life maths throughout the day and in our learning areas indoor and outdoor.


We have P.E on Monday afternoons.  Book bags should be returned to school every Monday and Tuesday to be changed.


Diary dates: Penguins pizza express trip – 3rd July AM. Seals pizza express trip – 10th July AM. Reception Summer fair music performance - 28th June 2PM. Reception Mini Maestros performance and celebration picnic on field - Friday 12th July PM