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Physical Education and Sports Premium Funding Costs 2017-18

PE Expenditure

Total Cost

Expected Outcome


Physical Education coach

Planning and delivering Breakfast Club programme of physical activities.




£22 a session

5 days a week

Weekly total = £110

Total = £4,180

38 weeks




To provide physical activity sessions during breakfast club sessions.


To identify and target children who need extra support to master certain fundamental skills.

To ensure children are given the opportunity to start the day with a physical programme that improves their skills and knowledge.




LJMU Dance students







Transport costs
















A seven week Year 6 dance project.

Dance workshops. Pupils from Reception to Year 5 take part in a week of dance workshops as part of the project.


By providing transport this enables all pupils to participate in the dance performance.

To enable Year 6 pupils’ to create, participate and extend their dance skills in a weekly session and to deliver a performance for parents and carers at the end of the project.






Liverpool School Sports Partnership(LSSP) Bronze Membership



















Enables more pupils to participate in level 1, 2 and 3 competitive events organised by LSSP.


To increase the range of competitive sports on offer.




To become more involved in different competitions across a range of age ranges. In the past we have been successful in athletics, football and swimming competitions. We are focusing on offering a wider range of sporting competitions at all levels.

Liverpool City Council Swimming Programme.


























£6.00 per child plus transport


Plus 2 Swimming coaches.


Y3= £6.00 x 60 =


Y5= £6.00 x 57=


Y6= £6.00 x 56 =



Total cost = £10,380 per year














Year 3 = 10 half hour sessions

Year 5 = 10 half hour sessions

Year 6 = 10 half hour sessions


This approach is over the whole academic year. Smaller group sizes in each half hour lesson meant more concentrated and direct focused teaching.


Year 4 children are not participating in swimming this year. The other Year groups now have 10 sessions. Both Yr3 and Yr5 children have their swimming lessons in a 10 week block. Year 6 have a split timetable. The first sessions are in Autumn 1 and the final session will take place in Summer 2.

Our aim is for 100% of our Year 6 pupils to achieve swimming between 25 and 50 metres unaided.

KS2 pupils have the opportunity to access the swim Liverpool programme. This approach provides children with the entitlement to become more confident in achieving the target of swimming a minimum of



This is measured by termly swimming assessments by the lead coaches. A swimming register is taken for each year group this is monitored, to identify children who do not take part in swimming sessions.

Extra swimming sessions




1x £6.00 x 10 = £60




A pupil from the ASD base has been given the opportunity to have extra swimming lessons.


To continue to have swimming lessons helped to build self-esteem and provide an extra physical activity.

Year 6 Top up Swimming Programme

1 week

Cost= £27.50


Year 6 children to attend the intensive programme


To achieve swimming target before leaving KS2.

Proficiency swimming challenge.

Starting in Spring 1

Could use school minibus to transport pupils to venue.


Petrol money (termly) £30

Yearly total = £60









Half Termly


Cost= Estimate

10 pupils £6per child

½ hour session £60 per week.


(could increase to 15 pupils)


Staff to be covered to attend.

Cost =£90 per afternoon.

Total cost= £900 per 6 week term

4 ½ term sessions = £3,600

To devise a swimming challenge for pupils who have already achieved the required requirements for swimming.


Our aim is to give children an opportunity to gain swimming awards as part of the programme.








This will provide an opportunity for pupils to progress and improve their skills.


Initially Year 5 and 6 pupils will be given the chance to take part in these extra swimming sessions.










CPD training for staff







No Cost for the course.

£90 supply cover



No Cost for the course

£90 supply cover

PE coordinators termly meetings. The cost is included in the LSSP membership. Class supply is covered in-house.


Safe practice in PE

To improve knowledge and understanding of changes in legislation.






Extra-curricular activities

Coaching staff

Autumn Term

Netball Years 3

Football team KS2

Athletics KS2

Dodgeball KS2

Refer to website for the comprehensive school listing of afterschool clubs.

£ 20 per hour

X 4 days = £80 per week.

Total cost =£3,040








To continue to offer a wide selection of clubs available to all children. This year we are looking to extend the choice of sports clubs available to all children






100% of our after school clubs are free of charge. This enables all children the opportunity to take part in afterschool activities if they want to. To encourage more children to participate in different sports. 



School staff
















Overtime = £12 per 30 minute session

Half termly

A1= £48 x 6 weeks = £288

A2= £48 x 6 = £288

Spr1= £48 x 6=£288

Spr2= £48 x 6 =£288

S1= £48 x 6 = £288

S2=£48 x6 = £288

Total= £1,728

To continue to offer a wide selection of clubs available to all children. This year we are looking to extend the choice of sports clubs available to all children










% of children attending afterschool sporting clubs: 2017-18


Autumn Term: TBC

Spring Term: TBC

Summer Term: TBC










Sports Equipment









£ 1, 600







To provide equipment to support high quality PE lessons, Extra-Curricular activities, training for competitions and to support active playtimes, improving participation and success.

To enable access to sports equipment to deliver quality PE lessons.





Sports Clothing




















£300 School Athletics kit



Shin guards

£34 (x10)



Spare PE kits

T-shirts = £10

PE Shorts = £20

Bathing Caps = £12

Pumps = £18


Total= £60





New athletics kits provide children with the appropriate equipment. To give them a sense of pride when representing the school in competitions.


Children can use equipment to try out for the school football team. This ensures that any children who do not have shin guards can borrow a pair and try out for the school football team; also they can use them when playing for their house team games in the summer term.

To have the opportunity to represent the school. To ensure that all children who want to try out for the school team can.



To ensure all children can take part in PE with the appropriate kit.











Year 5 pupils





School bikes









No cost






Cost= 15 bikes


£120 per bike

Total cost = £1,800





L1 and L2 bike ability training.

Pupils will become more proficient in using a bike safely.


To purchase bikes to enable pupils to participate in the bikeability training. To also introduce the school bikes at lunchtimes. Ensuring children have a chance to be more physically active.

Enabling Year 5 pupils to improve their bike ability awareness. To increase safety skills when riding.



To enable pupils the opportunity to improve their skills and becoming more active.






Climbing Hanger

(Weekly sessions)

Children are identified as needing extra support this activity knowledge and skills by providing an opportunity to improve self-esteem and confidence.





Cost of each session

£6.50 per child

Mini bus petrol

50p per child

24 sessions throughout the year.


8 children per week

Weekly cost = £56 per week

Total cost= £1,344 per year

To enable pupils to have an opportunity to participate in an additional sporting activity.












New Assessment System

Balance assessment

Whole school package


To use targets and monitor progress

half termly.

To monitor impact of new system.


Active Ambassadors

Pupil representatives.


2 representatives from each year group.









No cost







To continue to provide feedback on the PE provision. To represent their class by canvassing opinion on the type of activities they would like to see in the extra-curricular provision. This will be during termly meetings with the PE lead. Minutes will be taken to record ideas. Active Ambassadors will feedback to their peers.


PE iPads





X6 iPads

Cost= £1,800




To enable small groups and individuals to self and peer assess.



To enable coaches and pupils to use the new assessment system for peer and self-assessment.

The Daily Mile









No cost









To ensure that each class becomes more physically active.


A monthly mile will encourage parents and carers to run alongside their children as they do their mile.

To introduce the daily mile. To monitor and gather information.








PE and Sport Premium Total 2017/2018 = £ 33, 468.50

(Sports Premium total = £19, 540)