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P4C: Technology

Philosophy for Children: Technology

We watched the Spot and Stripe video ‘Technology’. Spot was so busy playing on his tablet, and on his mobile phone, that he didn’t want to play with Stripe. Stripe felt left out, and he was so lonely he wanted to get rid of all computers.

We talked about what we like to do with technology, what it is useful for, and how much time we spend on it. We also talked about things we like doing that don’t use computers, and times when it is not good to be in front of a screen.


Here are some of our thoughts:


  • I like to play on my tablet, but if you play on it for too long it runs out of battery. I like playing with my unicorns too. When I go on my mummy’s bike I put my bike helmet on, but I don’t play with my tablet.


  • My daddy is in America. I email him on my iPad, and I play games. You can’t take a computer outside, because there’s electric behind it (it is plugged in) At night time you shouldn’t use a computer, you should go to bed.


  • If you play on your iPad too much the battery runs out, and you have to plug it in. You don’t just use iPad, you watch telly too. I like playing on my Wii too. But I like playing with my friends too, we like playing football.


  • I like playing with my computer, mu mum and dad play with me. I play Minecraft, it’s my favourite. I like going swimming too; you don’t use a computer for that.


  • I think you mustn’t play on your iPad at bedtime; you might need to go to sleep. The iPad stops me going to sleep.


  • It wouldn’t be good to play on an iPad all the time. I like playing with my brother. We play games with cards, like snap.


  • My mum says if you watch too much TV you get square eyes. It’s not good for you to spend lots of time on the computer or watching telly.


  • I use an iPad at home. But you can’t use an iPad when it’s tidy up time. You need to pick things up. I like going on my bike too.


  • I use my mum’s phone to look at Batgirl. Barbara lives in Holland, I email her. And last time when I wasn’t in school I went to Holland. I don’t think you should be on the phone all the time, it would make you tired.


  • I like playing on my iPad, especially my Spiderman game. If I played on my iPad all the time, I’d miss out on playing with my sister. We play with our toys together. I’d rather have a trampoline than an iPad.


  • I go on the computer but not all the time. My mummy says, “Not on the computer” and then I play with other toys. If I went on the computer all the time I’d get tired.


  • I like playing with my iPad but not all the time. Sometimes I play with it, sometimes I play with toys. Sometimes we go out for a walk and I see all the ‘naturey’ things. It’s better to go out and see them, not to see them on the telly.


  • I like going on my computer. Sometimes I go out with my family. I’ve got a playhouse in my garden and a trampoline. Going on a computer all the time is bad for you, you don’t get any exercise.


  • I like playing on my tablet. I can play games and watch videos. Your eyes might get sore if you looked at a tablet all the time. I Facetime people in Scotland.


  • I had a tablet for Christmas. When I asked to use daddy’s phone he said “Watch on your tablet”. I am going to Italy in May and I’ll need a case to keep my tablet safe. I’ll take my doll too. I Facetime Jamie to wake him up.


  • I like playing on mummy’s phone because there are games for everyone, but not mummy or daddy. They use the phone for phoning people. My phone used to be daddy’s but now it’s mine, just for games.


  • I talk to people on the phone with my mummy. When it’s bedtime you don’t want to get awake again, you put the phone away and go to bed.


  • If you spent all your time on an iPad you wouldn’t get to talk and play with your friends. I can facetime people who don’t live in Liverpool.


  • I don’t play on my Huddle for too long. Last night I used it to find some new space songs and I watched our school space song too (our homework task) I like playing with toy animals and dressing them up. They are so cute they are my favourite thing to play with.


  • I play with my iPad for a little bit, then I play with my toys with my brother (he’s only little). Sometimes I go out to see my Nan. I go to bed without any telly or iPad and then I go to sleep.


  • You have to be careful with computers, in case they get broken. I have a printer at my home. At the weekend I went bowling. Bowling is better than a computer. I won!


  • My mummy has an iPad. She lets me play on it, sometimes. I watch ‘Rara’ on it because it doesn’t have any games on it. My mummy says “You can watch for two minutes.” Then make pictures and models with glue.


  • I’ve got an iPad. I play ‘Roadblock’ on it. You shouldn’t play for too long, mummy tells me when to come off. I go swimming and you can’t take an iPad in the water.


  • If you’re in bed and you’ve got an iPad and you fall asleep your iPad might go on the floor. My little sister throws the iPad on the floor. You should go on an iPad once a day. I’m going to the gym centre, where there are bars you can swing on.