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P4C: Children as Teachers

Philosophy for Children: Children as Teachers

We start each philosophy topic by watching a Spot and Stripe video. The two characters have different opinions, but listen respectfully to each other, and are still friends, even if they disagree. Unfortunately, most of the Spot and Stripe videos are behind a paywall, but you can see one of the videos we will be using later in the year here:


At the moment, we are getting to know each other, and finding out what we are good at. So after watching the Spot and Stripe video ‘Children as Teachers’ we have discussed whether it would be good for children to be teachers for a day, or whether we should keep the grown-ups as the teachers.Here are a few of our thoughts:


  • I think I want to be the teacher for the day, so I can ring the tambourine for tidy up time.
  • I think the children should be the teachers for the day, because I think the teachers would behave themselves. The children would know they had to behave too.
  • I think adults should stay the teachers because they know everything in school. The children are there to learn.
  • It would be good for kids to be teachers so the teachers could learn. Teachers need to learn hard maths like times tables.
  • I think the kids should be teachers for the day, then they would know how hard it is. There are hard things to do, like the register.
  • If the children were the adults, and the grown-ups were the children, the children wouldn’t know what to do. It would be all muddled up.
  • I would like the children to be the teachers because they would have new ideas.
  • I think it will be really cool if the children are the teachers because they could teach the teachers about everything that they know, that’s really important, like how to play good games like a really tricky hide and seek, when you can’t look.
  • I would like to be the teacher, I would teach people about princesses.
  • It would be good if the children were the teachers, because then you could sit on the big chair.


In our next session we thought about the things that we knew lots about, or were good at, and that we could teach other people about. This links to the Personal, Social and Emotional Development statement ‘I can describe myself in positive terms and talk about my abilities.’ We were keen to stress that everyone (including teachers) are good at some things and find other activities harder.


Here are some of the things you can learn from reception children:


  • How to climb the monkey bars.
  • All about Starwars.
  • How to swim
  • How to do jigsaws
  • How to dance
  • All about aeroplanes, and how to fly them!
  • All about Pokemon
  • All about Ninja Turtles. Raph is the strongest in the world.
  • How to cook and make pizza
  • About animals and the zoo.
  • All about Tangled, she has very long hair and lives in a tower.