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Our Safety Cadets Were Winning Finalists at Childnet Film Competition (July 2017)

News update . . . .

On 19th June the Safety Cadets were announced as competition finalists for the Childnet film competition. As a reward we went on a trip to the BFI in London. We were greeted by members of Childnet, the BFI and someone from the BBFC. Our time in London was wonderful, we got to meet the other finalists, watch their films and hear them being interviewed by a panel of judges. At the end of the screening and interviews the winners were announced in reverse order. The Cadets were ecstatic to be given 1st place in a National competition. We did wonderfully, as there were over 120 entries. Our film now has an official and legal BBFC rating.

Here is the link to our winning film.


We have now been invited to the CBBC for a media tour of the studios and to be interviewed by a presenter which will be aired Saturday 22nd July 2017. We will get to sit on the red sofa and watch an unaired show. We are very excited!!!