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Nursery Rhymes

If you have been to any of our ‘Stay and Play ‘events you may remember me saying that we are doing a lot of action songs in nursery particularly Nursery Rhymes. These are really important to help young children hear and recognise rhyming words. They are also great fun!

Singing nursery rhymes and songs to children can help develop their language and communication skills from an early age. There are so many different ways that we make this type of learning fun, we use props, music or musical instruments. Creating a fun experience for the children helps engage them and they are more likely to sit and participate in the songs.


Singing nursery rhymes can also help develop children’s social skills as it is a great opportunity for children to get to know their peers. Sitting next to one another and holding hands during the song Row Row Row your Boat is ideal for helping develop those social skills.


Introducing the children to a variety of nursery rhymes helps them understand and learn about different sounds. This is an important part of developing early literacy skills. Listening to different sounds in the environment as well as in nursery rhymes provides children with the foundations in helping them to read and write.


Here are some of the children’s favourite Nursery Rhymes:-


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Miss Polly

Incey Wincey Spider

Little Miss Muffett

Hickory, Dickory Dock

The Grand Old Duke of York

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Old McDonald

Humpty Dumpty

Tommy Thumb



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