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Nursery Autumn 2: Carnival


Our Key Focus is celebrating what makes us unique and how we can come together with our friends to share experiences.


Next Stay and Play: Wednesday 11th December– 8:45am to 9:45am for all children.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We are learning to share our toys, to take turns in activities and to use our words to tell others how we feel.


Physical Development: We are starting to practise Cosmic Yoga and putting actions to our favourite nursery rhymes. We are practising our pencil grip through drawing/writing and building our muscles through activities using our arms.  Cosmic Yoga -


Communication and Language: We are listening carefully to others and waiting for our turn to speak in circle time. We are extending our sentences when we speak and asking our friends questions about what they say.


Expressive Arts and Design: We are experimenting with a range of materials such as paint, chalk and even shaving foam to mark make! We are drawing on boxes, in trays and on floors. We are creating costumes for our carnival and for Christmas.


Understanding the World: We are researching new animals, places and things that we’re unsure of. We are talking about our own experiences and sharing our opinions with others.


Literacy: We are singing well known nursery rhymes and learning new songs. We are reading a range of books and sequencing them in order through role play and using our words. We are practising writing our names and talking about our drawings.


Mathematical Development: We are reciting our number names from 1 to 10 and singing songs where we count up. We are trying to write numbers and are reminding ourselves about the basic shapes: circle, square and triangle. Counting nursery rhymes -