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Year 3 Newsletter Spring 2 2019

Welcome Back

Home Reading

Please encourage your child to continue to read at home regularly. Home readers should be returned to school at least once a week so that we can ensure your child has a new book to read as soon as possible. In literacy we are currently looking at non-fiction books. Please ask your child questions about the books they are reading, focusing on the presentation of the text, e.g. headings, subheadings, captions, diagrams etc. in information books. We will be monitoring the frequency of home reader books being returned to school. The aim is to ensure that the children are being given the chance to read a different book at least once a week. If your child’s home reader book has been lost could you please double check at home? If it is still lost please inform a member of staff. It is really important that the children are reading on a regular basis.



Please inform us if your child is being picked up by an adult at the end of the school day, who is not on the list of people who can collect your child. All Year 3 pupils need the class teacher to say they can go to the person who has come to pick them up at the end of the day.


Physical Education

We have Physical Education on a Thursday morning. The children should have a white T-shirt, black/navy shorts and a pair of pumps, (football kits are not allowed). Trainers can also be included for outdoor sports. If your child has not yet brought their PE kit into school, could you please send it in as soon as possible. If you are experiencing difficulties getting any items of kit please let us know.


Active Lunchtimes:

This half term Year 3 children will get the opportunity to participate in an active lunchtime club. The day will be a Monday the session will be for 20 minutes. It is part of our school focus to ensure our children are more active throughout the school day.


Healthy Snack

a reminder that children can bring in a healthy snack every day. We are encouraging the children to bring their snack in a reusable container; this will help to reduce the amount of plastic waste we as a school produce and will help the environment.



Our Creative Curriculum topic for Spring 2 is ‘Third Rock from the Sun’ We will be learning about the different types of rocks, soils and fossils. The topic is science based and we combine it with learning about non-fiction reading and writing. We also learn about volcanoes and earthquakes as part of our geography work. In history we learn about the Stone Age and look at Skara Brae and Stonehenge. In R.E we will be finding out about different charities and how we help others. In computing we will be coding using Espresso.



We will be continuing to send home weekly spellings. Our mental maths focus is now on times tables. The Year 3 focus is the three, four and eight times tables. We have added additional books to the online homework scheme and will also update the maths and grammar activities.


School Visits

have not booked any trips yet for this half term.


Teachers & Support Staff

Miss Bennett (3B), Mrs McLain (3M) are the teachers working in Year 3. Our Year 3 LSA is Mrs Barratt.