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Year 3 Newsletter Summer 2 2019

Welcome Back

Home Reading

Home readers should be returned to school at least once a week so that we can ensure your child has a new book to read as soon as possible. We will be continuing to monitor the frequency of home reader books being returned to school. The aim is to ensure that the children are being given the chance to read a different book at least once a week. If your child’s home reader book has been lost could you please double check at home. If it is still lost please inform a member of staff. It is really important that the children are reading on a regular basis. Home readers will be collected in before the end of the academic year.


Physical Education

We have Physical Education on a Thursday morning. The children will be going outdoors weather permitting this half term. The children should have a white T-shirt, black/navy shorts and a pair of pumps, (football kits are not allowed). Trainers can also be included for outdoor sports. If your child has not yet brought their PE kit into school, could you please send it in as soon as possible. If you are experiencing difficulties getting any items of kit please let us know. We do have spare kits available in school if your child needs one.


Sports Day 2019

The date for sports day is Monday July 1st 2019 KS2 events will take place in the afternoon. Times will be confirmed nearer the time.


Healthy Snacks

If you are sending your child in with a healthy snack, could you please ensure it is a piece of fruit or vegetable. Some children have been bringing in breakfast bars that contain a lot of sugar.



Our Creative Curriculum topic for Sumner 2 is ‘There is No Place like Home.’ We will be looking at adventure writing and the poetry of Roger McCough. We will be watching The Wizard of Oz. Focusing on the different settings and characters. Children will extend their sentences using conjunctions, pronouns, prepositions and fronted adverbials. In Geography we will be learning about maps and ordnance survey symbols. In science we are exploring healthy diets in humans and animals. We will also be exploring skeletons linked to how they grow, how they help us to move and provide protection. In maths we will be continuing to do daily mental arithmetic tests. We will be revising column addition, perimeter, and subtraction with a blank number line and place value and different types of lines. We will be introducing scale maps of Kansas and grid references. In Design Technology the children will be making their own hovercraft and designing a healthy snack for Dorothy’s basket.



We will be continuing to do weekly spelling tests. We will add additional books to the online homework scheme and will also update the maths and grammar activities.



Children are not allowed to wear trainers for school. If there is a problem with your child’s school shoes could you let your child’s class teacher know as soon as possible. Please ensure if your child has long hair it is tied back, especially as the weather is becoming warmer.  


School Visits

We are going to visit the Festival Gardens to draw maps.


Teachers & Support Staff

Miss Bennett (3B), Mrs McLain (3M) are the teachers working in Year 3. Our Year 3 LSA is Mrs Barratt. Mrs Roberts is also supporting in 3M.