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EYFS Newsletter Spring 1 2020

A very Happy New Year to all the families of children in EYFS at St Michael in the Hamlet Community Primary School. Our topic for this term is Once upon a time

Our focus this term

This term we will be focusing on a range of stories, from traditional tales to contemporary books. We will be selecting stories that have links to PSED,

(Personal, Social and Emotional Development). We will be encouraging children to take responsibility for their actions. Our other main focus this term is developing the children’s vocabulary. We will do this in a number of ways and will be regularly changing our role play areas, both indoors and outdoors.


Our Breakfast club and after school club The Haven are both very popular with Reception parents. This can result in less face to face contact with our EYFS staff and children often mislay letters. Copies of our letters are available on the school website. Those sent by the school office are sent by parent mail and are also available on the school website. We also have spare letters available in the EYFS entrance.


PE will continue to take place on a Friday morning. The children will be starting to wear their PE kits in January. Please label all items with their name, including PE pumps. Please can you get your child to practise taking off their school uniform and putting it in their PE bag and putting on their PE kit. This will help avoid your child losing an item of clothing and becoming upset, and promote independence.

Healthy Eating and Self-Care

The children have made huge improvements in their Physical Development, thanks to our daily dance / exercise sessions; funky fingers sessions and our outdoor learning sessions. We will be continuing all of these but will also be putting additional focus on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, through exercise, good hygiene, the correct amount of sleep and a healthy diet.

Once upon a time

Our topic will focus on a range of diverse stories from different cultures and times. Role play will be an important theme throughout the term and children will be able to express themselves imaginatively through music, drama, collage and painting. We will be looking at the people who help us in our local community and we hope to visit some local places such as the library. In maths we will be exploring different measures such as weight, time and distance. We will be making maps and playing a lot of maths games such as dominoes and snakes and ladders.

Wellbeing in EYFS

Our day is designed to meet the needs of young children, in the busy world that we live in. We have found that our early morning dance / exercise routines have been very beneficial in not only improving gross motor skills and spatial awareness, but also pupil wellbeing. We have a balanced day with a mixture of adult lead and child initiated activities. Our Outdoor Learning at the end of the week allows pupils to benefit from being in natural surroundings. This is particularly beneficial at the end of the school week, as children become more tired. We have a very multi- sensory approach in EYFS, with plenty of opportunity for movement, communication and creative expression. We also incorporate the children’s interests into our planning of activities.

What you can do at home to support your child

There are many cheap games that will be beneficial to your child’s maths development such as Dominoes, Snakes and Ladders and card games. Please listen to your child read their home-reader at least 3 times before returning it to school. Please look at environmental print as you are out and about, e.g. road signs, shops signs and logos. Children learn to recognise these quickly. We will be running a session to help you support your child’s reading later in the term- details to follow soon. We have a book exchange in the EYFS entrance. There are books for children and parents to swap. Please help yourself at the end of the school day. It is important that your child sees family members reading and writing. This will inspire them ! We are also promoting good manners in school. Please let us know in a short note if your child shows good manners at home. We look forward to hearing from you.  The Reception EYFS Team