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Permewan 2016

Last Friday we celebrated our Year 6 Permewan evening at Hope University. It was a great evening for family and staff  to enjoy watching the memories of the pupils as they near the end of primary school. There was singing, dancing, rapping, music and animation! It was entertaining seeing their memories expressed in such creative ways!
This year Permewan winners were awarded their prize by Miss Beatrice Colley , once a pupil of the school, who received her Permewan award in 1937! Congratulations to Permewan winners  Cai, Pearl, Lydia and Joshuah.
Special awards for outstanding achievements were given in memory of Mrs Nadine Gardiner for literacy, Mr Barry Aldridge for Numeracy and  Mrs Nicola Pih for creativity.  
Other awards were given for exceptional sporting achievements and great attendance
Well done to all of them!