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Parent Questionnaire Feedback : Academic Year 2014-2015

Parent Questionnaire Analysis : Academic Year 2014-2015  

    % Agree %Disagree
1 School is a safe place.
100 0
2 My child enjoys school.
99 1
3 Teaching is good.
99 1
4 My child is making good progress. 94 6
5 I am kept well informed about how well my child is getting on.
95 5
6 The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour. 99 1

Staff expect my child to work hard and to do their best.

100 0
8 Staff treat my child fairly. 99 1
9 I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, or a problem.
98 2
10 I am confident that the Head Teacher, The Management Team and The Governors make the best decisions for the school. 98 2
11 The school seeks the views of parents and takes account of their suggestions and concerns.
94 6
12 The school explains how I can help my child at home. 94 6
13 There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable. 99 1
14 I use the school website to find out information. 92 8

The things that you identified as a strength of our school were: 
The celebration assemblies, Massage and a focus on wellbeing, Our wild garden and Outdoor Learning, A community feel,  A happy and welcoming atmosphere, The variety of school clubs (and that they are free), Approachable staff
The things that you identified as areas where we need to consider further were:
How clubs are allocated, How we can create more opportunities for working families to get involved, How we can support families to understand the academic progress of their child and how families can help their children,  How we can signpost other resources for families so they can reinforce the current learning in class ( in addition to the project work).
St Michael in the Hamlet works hard to meet the needs of the children their families and the community and your feedback is very important to the Leadership team and Governing Body to enable us to do so. Thank you to all those families who responded, particularly for all the lovely positive comments which we have shared with staff. The Leadership Team will discuss all the areas above to look for ways to make our school more effective and you should shortly see the ways we are working to address them.