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Our Playground Project

Calling all community-minded people!  St Michael in the Hamlet is undergoing a huge creative project to make our outdoor spaces into an interactive, educational play experience.
As you can see from the photos we have here, our current play areas could really do with an injection of colour and a little bit of magic to inspire our pupils to play together creatively and independently.
The play areas will be split into several different sections, amongst them: Woodchip and Seating, Storytelling, Art, Music, Maths and Sport.  There will be as many interactive art installations as we can afford to make the playground experience a fantastic one for our children. We hope to build interactive games such as a gigantic penny drop, a tree house, percussion stations and an obstacle course.
We are looking for anyone who is willing to give some of their time, be they artists, carpenters, builders or anyone else who thinks they could do something to help with the project, even if it is just to make a cup of tea for the builders!  
We are also looking for any old tools in good order, especially a bit and brace or other woodworking tools.  Financial contributions are also very welcome - we are limited in the choice of equipment we can buy as it has to be fit for commercial use, and so making the most of our outdoor spaces is going to be expensive.
Finally, we are in need of materials.  Paint, bamboo, old tyres, wood panels, tarpaulin and other durable outdoor materials, plastic tubing, timber anything that people think may be of use for the project.
If you are able to help with the project, through donations, materials, resources or just by lending a helping hand please contact the school or email us at