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Maker Difference: Spring 2018 Half-Term and Saturday Clubs in Toxteth/Norris Green Library

Saturday Maker Clubs

3rd February to 24th March 2018

Our free Saturday maker club is coming to a library near you! We’re looking for young makers

aged 8 and over to join us from 10.30-12 in Toxteth Library or from 2-3.30 in Norris Green

library, starting on the 3rd of February until the 24th of March. If you are, or know, an aspiring

maker who might want to join us, please make sure places are booked in advance - there are

12 spaces available per session.


Maker club activities will be run as follows:

3/2/18 Week 1: Coding Robots (Using Ozobot & MBot)

Get started in robotics, with an exciting session building and coding a robot yourself.

Robots are everywhere, and their numbers are growing. Find out how to make your own

using Ozobot and MBot during our first session!


10/2/18 Week 2: Paper Circuits

Paper circuits are an excellent way to start learning about circuitry and electronics. We’ll

be using lights and sound to build working electronic circuits. Paper circuits use

conductive copper tape to lay the foundation for understanding and using circuits.


17/2/18 Week 3: Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation has stood the test of time, and lego makes it easier than ever to

create. We’ll make our lego come to life in short videos, written by the children. A peek

into how tech shapes the media we can create and consume, and a jumping-off point for

creating your own content!


24/2/18 Week 4: Design & Print a Tshirt

Making isn’t always about electronics - sometimes it’s about making practical, everyday

things more fun. Our vinyl cutter and heat-press let you put your unique designs on

clothes, to show off your own personal sense of style - all thanks to technology.


3/3/18 Week 5:3D design and print

3D printing is revolutionising the world, and in this workshop we’ll be bringing our

attendees into that revolution. We’ll be creating designs for 3D printing, then using the

libraries’ printer to turn them into solid objects. Time to turn our imaginations into

physical items!


10/2/18 Week 6: Little Bits Circuit blocks

The “Little Bits” circuit builder is another way to develop children’s understanding of

simple electronic circuits, and a great foundation for knowledge. In this session, we’ll be

using it to create things that light up and move.


17/2/18 March Week 7: Microbits

Kids with an interest in computing will love our Microbits session, during which we’ll be

coding mini computers using Microbits. Microbits are versatile, while still being simple

enough to be accessible to makers of all ages, and provide a brilliant doorway into

coding using drag-and-drop blocks, or more traditional code.


24/3/18 Week 8: Recording a Podcast

Make your own podcast! Recording and editing sound to create your own online content

is a great way to leverage technology to get your opinions, stories and art out there. This

week, we’ll be exploring different parts of creating a podcast. Get your voice heard!


These event are part of the Liverpool Libraries celebration of making, Maker Difference. Events are

taking place at Parklands, Toxteth, Norris Green and Central library. See @makerdiff on twitter

for more information. In March makers will come together at Central Library for Young Makefest,

a chance to meet other makers and show what you have created.