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Holidays in School Term time

Holidays in School Term time
All families of school age children are affected financially by the increased costs that travel providers levy at key points in the year.
The Local Authority have a new policy which clearly states that if families take a holiday or extended leave without permission or when unauthorised, a penalty notice will be served.
A penalty notice is a fine of at least £60, increased to £120 if not paid within 27 days. If there are two parents in the home, each will receive a penalty notice, for each child concerned.
After 28 days if the penalty notice is not paid, parents will be prosecuted in the courts by the Local Authority.
If there are extenuating circumstances around a child needing to be absent from school for a fixed period you must request this via the headteacher in writing before the event. The reasons for approval or refusal of a request will be then put into writing and the consequences of taking a holiday in term time will be explained.  
Please take a look at the Liverpool City  Council letter about Attendance.