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Please note, This is an archived 'Gardening Group' page. 
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To create, maintain and manage a both a wild garden and a vegetable garden for the purposes of education and relaxation by the children, parents and all staff of the school whilst providing a natural living area that supports native and local species of flora and fauna.



So far we have:

  • Placed 12 railway sleepers for the Raised Vegetable Plot
  • Moved & filled the Vegetable Plot with 3 tonnes of top soil
  • Shifted 20 tonnes of wood chip for Nursery/Foundation play areas
  • Shifted over 21 tonnes of crusher run (aggregate)
  • Laid 270 meters of shuttering (planks)
  • Sawn and hammered into place at least 280 wooden stakes
  • Used over 840 nails
  • We have grown approximately 10lbs of potatoes
  • 15 marrows/ pumpkins of various sizes
  • 4lbs of beetroot, 2lbs of runner beans
  • A couple of cabbages
  • And some very strange looking carrots
  • Obtained grants worth almost £13000 (although not all of it has been allocated or spent yet!)
  • Used some money from the FOSMs main fund raising account
  • We have had lots of help and support from volunteers who have put hours and hours of work into the project
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To create a safe yet stimulating environment which is accessible to all people regardless of their physical difference, gender, sexuality, age, race, colour, creed, nationality or ethnic origin so far as reasonable adjustments permit.

To create a multi-functional outdoor classroom area for; play, adventure, exploration, investigation, botanical, biological and science projects, art & craft and relaxation and recreation purposes.

  • To provide potential for extra curricular and life experience activities such as a gardening group, vegetable growing, wildlife group and the like.
  • To encourage the benefits of healthy lifestyles through growth of own produce and exercise through hands-on and related activities.
  • To encourage participation and create a sense of ownership and pride within the whole school, parents and local community.
  • To encourage recycling, reuse and reduction of precious resources.
  • To protect, maintain and encourage wildlife and flora to the designated garden area.
  • To make & sustain active and productive links with the wider community, offering the use of this resource to other community groups and schools.
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Still to come….

A fenced off nature reserve A pond + marsh area A woodland walk Bird feeding area and bird hide Storytelling and seating area More vegetable growing areas and composting facilities Interested ? please join us on any of the project days or come along on a Wednesday 3:30pm after school (weather permitting) Everyone is welcome