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Findings from our Baseline Assessments

Although this all sounds very formal we are simply observing the children to find out more about them. Every co-hort of children has a different feel about it. They have different areas of strength and weakness. These are the areas that we will be focusing on:


Listening Skills

Listening is an important skill but quite difficult when you are very small. We encourage our children to listen to adults and the other children in a range of situations. We may listen to a story with an adult and a couple of friends, in a key group and in a whole class activity. With our friends we need to listen to what they want to do, their ideas and suggestions during play. This can all be a bit of a shock at first but we will definitely get better at this over time ready for Reception.


You can find out more about supporting children’s listening skills at


Fine Motor Skills

The development of fine motor skills usually follows that of gross motor skills so we take plenty of opportunities to develop these. We have hall sessions with a specialist P.E. teacher and a fantastic outdoor space to develop our strength, balance and co-ordination.

Some children really enjoy paper and pencil activities, but for others we need to find ways to develop the strength and control of the muscles in the hands. Playing with playdough, threading activities, using tweezers to pick up small objects and mark making in shaving foam are all fun ways of building these skills.

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Managing feelings and behaviour

I can almost see you smiling as I mention this one! It can be hard enough for adults to manage their feelings and behaviour how much more difficult must it be for a nursery child. Nursery is a safe place to explore my relationships with other children because

it can be hard being part of a community, sharing space and resources and taking turns, especially when you are only small! One of the most important things children can learn during their time at nursery is how to get along with others,


A video you might find useful can be found at


It shows Early Years staff working with young children.