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Autumn 2

Next Stay and Play: Tuesday 5th December for the Parrots and Foxes, Wednesday 6th December for the Turtles and Dolphins, Morning/All day children: 9 – 10, Afternoon children 12.30 – 1.30


Light and Dark: If you have a keen interest in anything related to our topic we would love you to come into school to talk to the children.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development:  We are thinking about ways to identify and manage our feelings. We are practising good manners and being polite.


Physical Development:  We are practising correct finger positioning when holding a pencil and writing our name. We will be negotiating space when moving quickly.


Communication and Language:  We will be describing events and objects, extending our vocabulary and sharing our experiences, feelings and thoughts more fully.


Expressive Arts and Design:  We will be inspired by Light and Dark, Halloween, Fireworks, Christmas to produce exciting creative work.


Understanding the World:  We are exploring Autumn, Where we live, Nocturnal/ Hibernating animals, Skeletons, Space, Night time, Lights.


Literacy:  We will use props and pictures to sequence and act out the Three Little Pigs, joining in refrains and anticipating key events and phrases in the story. We will be practising recognising letters in our name and looking at books independently.


Mathematical Development:  We will be deciding upon criteria for sorting objects into sets and counting how many there are. We will be matching quantities to numerals and naming shapes and their properties. We will find our age and house numbers.