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Autumn 1 Newsletter

Year 3 Newsletter Autumn 1 2017


Welcome to Year 3 !

Home Reading

Our focus for reading this half term is looking at how texts are organized with paragraphs and how author’s use language e,g, the use of adjectives to describe nouns. Please return your child’s home-reader at least once a week so Mrs Barratt can change it regularly. Home reading is an essential part of supporting your child’s progress. Thank you for your support.



Please inform us if your child is being picked up by an adult at the end of the school day who isnot on the list on the family data form. You can either tell us in person, write a short note or phone the office on 0151 727 3215. This includes if your child is going to a birthday party with another parent.



We have P.E. on a Thursday. The children should have a white T-shirt, black or navy shorts and a pair of pumps, (football kits are not allowed). Trainers can also be included for outdoor sports. Please make sure your child keeps their PE kit in school.

Y3 pupils will not be going swimming until the spring term.



Our Creative Curriculum topic for Autumn 1 is ‘The Valley of the Kings’. We will be doing an in-depth study of Ancient Egypt. We will also look at the geography of Egypt and the Mediterranean as a holiday destination. In RE we will look at rules in different religions and study the story of Moses. In Art and DT we will do painting, collage, drawing and making Egyptian death masks. In science we will look at all the areas of science for Y3 in relation to our topic- the human skeleton, plants, light, forces and rocks and soils. In PSHE we will be looking at why we are all stars. In Computing we will make our own class Wiki and our song for the half term is Let My People Go , linked to the story of Moses In literacy we will be writing settings and instructions. For more in-depth information please see our Y3 topic web on the school website.



We have a spelling test every Monday morning, please find enclosed the list of spellings for this half term. If you lose the list please refer to the school website. We regularly upload maths’ games and reading books to the abacus homework site. We would also like your child to produce a project about weather around the world. This is one of our geography objectives and it builds on the work pupils have done in KS1. The project can be presented in any way to the class at the end of the half term, Weather reports and news stories will be a good source of information.


School Visits

We will be visiting the World Museum and The Walker Art Gallery at the start of Autumn Term 2.This trip will focus on Ancient Egypt in the museum and a range of paintings in the art gallery. We combine the two trips to save on the cost of transport. A letter will be sent out nearer the time.



Your child will receive letters about any clubs for Y3 pupils. Please return reply slips asap.


Teachers and Support Staff

Mrs Sayer 3S and Miss Bennett 3B are the teachers in Y3. Mrs Barratt is the Y3 LSA who works with both classes.