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Athletic District Competition, City Championship 2013

At Wavertree Athletics Centre, on 16th July 2013, the Athletics Team represented our school in the City Championship.

Here are the results:


Devontay Anderson - 75m Sprint (A new record of 9.96 seconds was set after standing for 21 years) 

Year 6 Boys - Relay Race (1st)

Runners Up

Leonie Auplish Pascall - Long Jump (2nd)

Roman Chalmers - 135m Race (2nd)

Devontay Anderson - Long Jump (2nd)

Brandon Buckley - 75m Sprint (7th)

Year 5 Boys - Relay Race (2nd)

Year 5 Girls - Relay Race (4th)

Year 6 Boys - Relay Race (3rd)

Well Done to all who took part !