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Class 3S Computing Curriculum – making a Blog 12.10.17

As part of our computing curriculum we have made a class blog. The children worked in 5 groups. They thought up a name for their group and they all had different jobs to do. This collaborative work was also part of our PSHE work for this half term.


Please note: This blog has been created entirely by 3S pupils.

All grammar and spelling mistakes have been retained. 


Cool kids in 3s

HISTORIE of Howard carter he got evry1 to gether and the water boy and 













they found the tomb of Tutankhamun.




In our art we have done a Egyptian wall painting




Our class song is called Let my people go.

Our friends are kind to each other.



In maths we have been using stickers for zeroes to help us understand multiplication by 10.


The Internet Heroes

In are topic we are leaning about ancient Egypt and archaeologists. Howard Carter found Tutankhamuns tomb . In computing we have been



Learning about the internet how it travels around the world .In 3S we have been thinking about how to make a class photograph and how it will stand out in the science we been discovering the best way to grow a plant.



Safety Sams

Next week we are making Egyptian death masks. In art we have made Egyptian wall paintings. In science we have bee planting flowers in sand.




IN maths we have been doing 3d shapes and times tabel


Heroic Heroes

In topic we have learning about Egypt.We wrote instrutions to make a mummy and how to make egyption wall paintings.

In maths we have been doubling numbers .IN litrercy we have been using imperative verbs.In history we have been learning about howerd carter because he found tootin carmoons tomb.


Supplementary blog post by Orlaith and Lewis, November 2017


World Museum visit


On are trip we went to the bus stop to go on the bus.

First we went to the World Museum and did some Ancient Egypt stuff.



Then we went to the Walker Art Gallery to look at some famous paintings.



We went to an Egyptian workshop and we saw dead stuffed animals like a cat,eagle,ibis and baboon.

We had to answer lot of questions and Orlaith played the part of Kai and there was a baboon,ibis,crocodile and a hippo and all I wanted to do was wash my clothes.



Did you know that the Egyptians thought the Scarab rolled the sun like a ball of poo.


In the mummy room we saw a mummy hand there was all so a two death masks and mummifid animals.


Then we went back to the Art Gallery to look at more paintings. Are answers were so good that people from the Art Gallery stayed and wached are answers.

Finally we went back to school and went home.


Blog by Adam, Jarvis and Lewis

This term we did the manican challenge and we weard flatcap  and old fashand cloves  and we went on a  random street  by st michels  in hamlet school.


Then we used fruit to make a fruit Santa we picked fruit vegrfrom the hallway and took it back to the class room and we put the fruit on a black sheet and it was Santa.



We made fruit collages in the style of Arcimboldo and paper collages of a Lowry style picture.

Happy Christmas from 3S


Blog by Adam, Jarvis and Lewis