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2018 Spring 1: 'Rockets'


This week in STEM club we were finding out about forces, the pushes and pulls that make things move.


We used the pump rocket outside. When we stamped on the pump, it pushed the air along the tube and then pushed the rocket into the air. The harder we stamped (or jumped!) the bigger the force and the further the rocket went.


Balloons are another way of beating the force of gravity, which pulls us down towards the middle of the planet. When your lungs push air into a balloon the rubber stretches. When you let go, the balloon goes back to its flat shape, pushing the air out. The air can push the balloon, moving it up and beating gravity, until all the air has come out. We tried to make balloon powered gliders. We talked together about the best shape to make them, to cut through the air. Some of us even knew the word ‘stream lined’.


As this was the last week of STEM club, everyone earned a special science badge, for being such great investigators.