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10 Pieces: Project Information

Ten Pieces Project
The BBC has launched an exciting project called Ten Pieces. Ten Pieces aims to open up the world of classical music to children – and inspire them to develop their own creative responses to the pieces through music, dance or digital art. The repertoire includes a range of music from baroque to contemporary.
The BBC has created a stunning new cinematic film introducing ten pieces of classical music, which our children have now seen in school. The project will culminate in a major celebratory finale in the summer of 2015.
We are going to fully embrace this project and each class will be given one of the ten pieces to focus on as ‘their piece.’ We will have a ‘ten pieces week’ during the spring term where children will get the opportunity to create work based on their piece.
We would really like you to get involved by encouraging your child to take part. We are holding a competition for KS2 for individual responses to the film. Winners will get to showcase their piece in the summer finale, which will be organised by Resonate (Liverpool Music support service).
For more information about the project and a full repertoire of the music go to: