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Year 2 Learning

Year 4 Spring 1 Topic Web: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Music: This term we will be finding out what it’s like to play in a band and having a go with percussion instruments. We’ll also learn a song called, ‘ I Wanna Play in a Band.’


R.E: We will be learning all about the Muslim faith and what it means to be Muslim.


P.E: We’ll be doing gymnastics this and learn different types of jumps.


Design Technology: This half term our DT focus is designing our own chocolate bar. We will also look at packaging and have a go at making some packaging for our chocolate bars.


Geography and History: This term we will find out about the equator and where chocolate comes from. We will also learn about the history of chocolate and get to taste some Mayan hot chocolate!


Science: Our science focus is changing shape. We’ll be finding out how some materials can be changed and compared the properties of different materials.


Maths: Our maths this term will be place value additions and subtractions and revising number bonds to 10 which will help with finding a difference between two numbers. We’ll be using some money by finding change from 10p and 20p, and from £10 to £20. Telling the time to the nearest quarter on analogue and digital clocks will also be introduced. You could really help at home with money and time by practising with your child.


English: In English we will be basing all of our work on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will focus on describing a character in detail using interesting adjectives and building to inventing a new character. Our non-fiction study will be focusing on explanation texts using the text, ‘Does Chocolate Grow on Trees.’


PSHE/P4C: We will be learning about what fair trade means this term and will even be making some cakes using Fair Trade chocolate!


Enrichment/School Trip: Topic day- dressing up / Chocolate making workshop


Computing: We will continue developing our coding skills and research skills to search the internet for information.