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Year 3 Summer 1 Curriculum Map: Amazing Asia


Music:  To listen to different types of music from countries within Asia.


R.E: Our topic for this half term is ‘Special Places’ We will explore special places of worship and why they are so special to different religions.


P.E: Depending on the weather PE sessions will take place outside. Children will be extending their knowledge of different team games.  Please ensure that children have their PE kit in school.


Art/DT:  To design a crazy golf course with landmarks from Asia.


Computing: To start using 'Conditional event' in own code using Espresso Software. Pupils learn to code with 'if statements', which select different pieces of code to execute depending on what happens to other objects.


Geography: We will continue to learn about volcanoes in Asia and different types of mountains. Children will also explore the human and physical geography of different countries located in Asia.


Science: This half term we will explore the requirements for plant life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients and room to grow) and how these vary from plant to plant. We will be making the most of the sunny weather, by tracking how shadows change throughout the day.


History: This half term we will be exploring three different early civilisations and their way of life. They are the Sumer Civilisation, The Indus Valley and The Shang Dynasty. We will also discuss their legacies and inventions.


Literacy: We will be looking at persuasive writing. This includes posters and leaflets. Children will identify the features of the text and how this can persuade. They will design a leaflet to persuade people to visit Asia.


Maths: We are continuing to do daily mental arithmetic challenges. We will be using inverse operations to find missing numbers. The children will be adding fractions with the same denominator, along with finding fractions of shapes. We will continue to use the grid method for multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.  Children will continue to learn about 3D shapes and their properties.


School Trip: We will be visiting the local Buddhist Centre this half term.


PSHE: We will discuss what is a home?  Along with asking who can we call for help? Also, who can we call in an emergency?