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Year 3 Spring 1 Curriculum Map: The Groovy Greeks !


Music: Our song for this half term is ‘Zero to Hero’ from the animated film Hercules. We will be exploring different musical instruments and entertainment in Ancient Greece.


R.E: Our topic for this half term is ‘How do we help others?’ We will explore Christian Aid, Islamic Aid and Oxfam. How did they begin and why? We will also find out about the story behind Comic Relief/Sports Relief.


P.E: The children will be doing gymnastics this half term.  They will learn to complete a sequence of different gymnastic movements.  Year 3 and 4 indoor athletics trials will take place this half term.


Art/DT:  The children will be taking part in a Greek hero and heroine fashion show. The costumes will be designed and made by the children from recycled materials.


Computing:  We will be focusing on digital literacy using ‘Popplet’ iPad app to create mind maps about democracy.


Geography: We will continue to learn about the Mediterranean. We will also describe physical features in a locality. To also recognise the eight points of a compass. To also name countries found in the Northern hemisphere.


Science: We are continuing to focus on the different areas of science these include: scientific enquiry, movement and feeding, light and shadows, rocks and soils. We will continue to learn about plants. We will also be looking at the different strengths of magnets and how they behave in relation to each other and what might affect  this.


History:  We are going to describe events and periods using the words BC and BCE and decade. We are going to study Greek life and achievements and their influence on the world, linked to the legacy of Greece. We will also research buildings, columns, farming, theatre, men and women, children and education.


Literacy: This half term the children will be looking at Myths and Legends. Year 3 will be writing their own Greek Myth. We will use a range of conjunctions, adverbs and fronted adverbials. We are also going to use inverted commas confidently. Spellings include homophones and near homophones along with suffixes where the final consonant is doubled. Handwriting- all letters need to sit correctly on lines, with ascenders and descenders correct and some letters joined.


Maths: We will continue to revisit addition and subtraction strategies. We will also use inverse operations to find missing numbers in calculations. We will also use different multiplication and division methods. Doubling and halving 2- 3 digit numbers.  We will also do daily times tables. 2D and 3D shapes and their properties will also be revised this half term. We will also explore fractions of shapes and amounts. We will continue to use partitioning in addition calculations. We will also learn how to measure perimeters.


PSHE:  We will be learning about democracy and citizenship in Ancient Greece. Along with also exploring the focus;  Living Long. Living Strong. Focusing on feeling happy and staying healthy and overcoming any barriers to reaching goals.


School Trip: No class trips have been organised for this half term.