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Year 2 Topic Web - Autunm 2: Sweet Shores of Africa


Music: Children will use their voices expressively and learn to use percussion instruments creatively when listening to and learning rhythms from African countries.


R.E: Children will explore faiths and celebrations, including the Nativity and Hanukkah.


P.E: Children will master movements including throwing and catching.


Art/ DT: Children will be studying a wide range of art and design techniques in African print and using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape and form to design and make African masks.


Geography: Children will use atlases, globes and world maps to research some of Africa’s countries, cities and villages and compare the geography and culture, to that of the UK. We will also make a link to Fairtrade.


Science: In science we will explore uses of electricity, safety aspects and children will be making simple circuits.


Computing: Children will use technology to create and retrieve digital content. They will know how to stay safe when sending emails using Tocomail.


History: We will explore the history of the Gunpowder plot and link it to democracy.


Literacy: In Literacy we will be exploring a range of books written by the Author Mweyne Hadithi, including features of the author’s style: animals, morals and story language. We will be using a range of punctuation in our sentences. Children will get regular spellings sent home every Friday and they will be tested the following Friday. These will link to different aspects of the curriculum and the Year 2 high frequency, common exception words and spelling rules.


Maths: In Maths we will be counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 and children will use this knowledge to help them to solve multiplication, division problems. Children will be looking at money recognition, paying and giving change and doubling and halving numbers. They will also explore the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


School Trip: We will be going to Pizza Express to design and create ‘healthy pizzas’ and how to eat healthily.


PSHE: Children will be exploring different feelings, friendships and the importance of teamwork. Linked with Science, we will look at safety and electricity and staying safe on Bonfire Night.