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Year 2 Summer 2 Topic Web: The Great Fire of London & The Plague

Music: We will perform the songs ‘London’s Burning’ and ‘Ring Around the Roses’ to our class in groups.


R.E: We will look at places of worship across different religions.


P.E: The children will practise playing team games outside.


Art/DT: Children will be using different materials and joining methods to create houses from 1666. They will make small creatures that infected the streets of London by carrying the disease.


Geography: We will be exploring locations in the past and comparing them to the present. We will be able to use a map to locate different landmarks in London.


Science: In science we will explore different types of plants and experiment with what happens to plants when we treat them in different ways.


Computing: The children will practise word processing using Microsoft word and other useful software.


History: The children will be exploring the events of the Great Fire of London and The Plague. They will look at the diary written by Samuel Pepys as a secondary source for all the information.


Literacy: In Literacy we will look again at diary entries. They will pay close attention to the structure and content from Samuel Pepys’ diary from the Great Fire of London. They will also look at newspaper reports and use drama activities to gain a true reflection of the events at the time.


Maths: In Maths we will be working on our problem solving and reasoning skills across the strands of maths. The children will be working on how to explain ‘how’ they found their answer as well as showing their working out. They will complete more open ended questions as well as calculations for fluency.


School Trip: The Philharmonic Hall for a concert – Wednesday 20th June 2018


PSHE: We will pay close attention to relationships, conflict and resolution this half term.