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Year 2 Summer 1 Topic Web: Chocolate


P.E: Children will learn to perform a range of rolling, throwing, striking, kicking, catching and gathering skills using a ball


R.E: The children will learn about special books, both personal and religious, and hear a range of stories from them and talk about their meanings.


Art / DT: Children will be studying the features of chocolate bar wrappers and chocolate recipes to help them to design, their own chocolate bar.


Geography: Children will learn about places where cacao is grown. They will also learn to describe some of the features associated with an island, and key features of a place, using words like, beach, coast forest, hill, mountain, ocean and valley.


Science: In science we will explore habitats of animals and plants and food chains. We will link these findings to writing a non-chronological report about owls.


Computing: Children will continue to develop their programming skills by creating codes to help them to move objects around the screen. 50780.0. 6350*9+63 .o0236*+/*-+veobjects logically to move around the screen.


History: Children will be using the skills learned to create a local map to encourage them to find out about the key features of their own locality, showing how it has changed over time. They will also look at the castles located in the North-west region.


Literacy: In Literacy we will be looking at explanation texts and exploring non-chorological reports with a focus on The Victorians. To enhance our creative curriculum topic, we will be reading Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and through the process of ‘Talk for writing’ we will encourage the children to use adventurous language and use the book to inspire them to plan and create their own description of a room in a chocolate factory.


Maths: Children will be we will be learning to tell the time to the hour, half hour and in 15 minute intervals. We will also be using addition and subtraction and rounding of numbers to solve word problems. They will also apply their understanding of counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 to count greater amounts of coins.


Enrichment activity: LJMU dance student workshop; Owls for Education visit to school;         .


PSHE: Children will take part in the 15 minute ‘Daily Mile’ activity to enhance their fitness, health and well-being.