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Year 3 Autumn 1 2017 - The Valley of the Kings - Topic Web


History: An in-depth study of the history of Ancient Egypt, looking at the role of archaeologists and specifically researching Howard Carter. Also we will be looking at hieroglyphics, the use of papyrus, the building of pyramids and the process of mummification. We will also look at the effects of the geography of Egypt on it’s people.


Geography: We will describe the locality of Egypt and identify it’s key features. We will look at why the river Nile is a gift to the people of Egypt. We will locate the Mediterranean and explain why it is a popular holiday destination. We will look at weather in different parts of the world and identify countries in the northern hemisphere.


Science: We will learn about the human skeleton and the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. We will look at the flooding of the Nile and its importance for crop growth and the sandy soil in Egypt. We will look at where the sun rises and sets and the importance of staying safe in the sun. We will also look at the forces used to build pyramids and move water for the irrigation of crops.


RE: We look at why rules are important and the rules of different religions in our community. We study the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments and we discuss moral values.


Music: Our song for the half term is ‘Let My People Go’, linked to Moses.


Art & Design / DT: We will reproduce an Egyptian wall painting and explore collage through tearing, layering and overlapping to produce a map of Egypt and we will use a range of implements to make marks, drawing Egyptian artefacts. In DT we will make Egyptian death masks.


PSHE: We are all stars ! We will make a class charter and devise our class rules. We will celebrate our gifts and talents and explore our feelings, which will link to our literacy work on settings.


Computing: We will create our own class Wiki.


Literacy: We will be writing settings based on gardens in different seasons. We will focus on improving vocabulary and the different word classes e.g. adjectives and using paragraphs. Then we will focus on writing instructions and the use of adverbs and imperative verbs. These instructions will be linked to our topic work on Ancient Egypt.