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Year 6: Motorised Vehicles


Design Technology and Science: This half term, we will be beginning our Motorised Vehicle project. This project will continue into next half term. The children will learn how to use a range of hand tools to bring their initial design ideas to life! In science, children will be building electrical circuits with switches, in order to power their vehicle.


P.E.: We have our scheduled P.E. lesson on Monday afternoons. However, please ensure that your child has a full P.E. kit in school, at all times, as we often have extra P.E. after the SAT’s have finished. This half term, children will participate in a mixture of multi-sports skills (balance, coordination & agility) and contact sports.


SAT’s: A big thank you for all your support during SAT’s week. Attendance was excellent and all of our Y6 children worked hard to apply themselves to the end of year tests. We are very proud of them all!


Literacy: Grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling will be a big focus this half term. Children will study complex uses of punctuation including the use of commas for clarity and all aspects of parenthesis. In grammar, we will concentrate on all verb forms and verb tense agreement. Different types of sentences, from simple to complex, will be covered, including conjunctions joining relevant clauses. At word level, children will investigate a range of devices including antonyms, synonyms and  homonyms. Children will be expected to apply their vast knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling in their own writing. We will continue to focus on persuasive texts.


Maths: Linked to our topic, children will be using a range of mathematical equipment to make careful measurements for their design including ratios, perimeter, surface area and 3D shape.