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Year 6 Summer 1 Topic Web: The Wonderful World Of Maps


P.E: As well as our usual PE slot on Wednesday afternoon, Year 6 children are taking part in a fantastic dance project in collaboration with Liverpool John Moore’s University. You will be invited to the performance which will take place in Sudley Theatre at IM Marsh on Thursday 19th April at 6.30pm. The performance will last for approximately 1 hour and is based on our recent class topic: The Industrial Revolution. You will receive a letter later this half term with full details of the performance. You will need to reserve places so make sure you return the ticket slip to your class teacher. Tickets are free but a small donation towards the cost of the transport would be greatly appreciated. Two tickets are available for all families but if you require more, please write on the return slip and we will do our very best to accommodate extra tickets.


SATs: End of key stage SAT tests will begin on Monday 14th May and will finish on Thursday 17th May. A timetable will be given out nearer to the date. Full attendance during this time is crucial. Children will be given a drink and a snack each morning in school. The ActiveLearn homework scheme supports our curriculum with revision activities to help the children prepare for their end of year tests. We strongly advise that your child accesses these materials and activities on a regular basis. If you have any issues with internet access, please speak to Mr Backstrom or Ms Millican.


Literacy: Grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling will be a big focus this half term. Children will study complex uses of punctuation including the use of commas for clarity and all aspects of parenthesis. The spellings that have been sent home in recent weeks are from the National Curriculum spelling list for  Y5 & 6. In grammar, we will concentrate on all verb forms and verb tense agreement. Different types of sentences, from simple to complex, will be covered, including conjunctions joining relevant clauses. At word level, children will investigate a range of devices including antonyms, synonyms and  homonyms.


Maths: This half term, we will continue our work on algebra. We will also focus on standard written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In geometry, we will construct a compass rose using mathematical tools accurately. We will also look at simple  formula used to calculate the volume of 3D cubes and cuboids. Children will have the opportunity to construct 3D shapes from nets.


Science: This half term, we will complete our work on the circulatory system. We will also begin a new topic on Light, which shall be continued next half term. The children will have the opportunity to make colour wheels and to separate the colour in black. Children will make their  own periscopes and create detailed labelled drawings of the eye.


Geography: Children will have the opportunity to extend their knowledge of grid references. They will extend their understanding of direction  to create a 16 point compass rose. We will study the Ordinance Survey keys & symbols to help us make our own maps and plans.


R.E: This half term, we will be learning about  ‘Marriage’ and finding out how it is celebrated in different religions.