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Year 5 Summer 1 & 2 Topic Web: Location, Location, Location !


Maths: In Maths, we will continue to look at the 4 operations and how we can apply these to solve real life problems. Additionally, this term we will be covering properties of shapes focussing particularly on triangles.


English: During the Summer term we will be looking at the features of non-chronological reports leading into writing our own. After that we will be looking at writing a spooky story based on the book ’Room 13’ by Robert Swindells. We will be looking at a variety of different writing techniques and how to build tension and suspense in our writing.


Science: Our Science topic for this term will be Life Cycles. In this we will be looking at different Life Cycles of Animals and plants and comparing them with one another. We are also going to be growing our own plants in order to see the different stages of life cycles for ourselves.


Topic: Our topic for this term is Location, Location, Location. This is primarily a Geography based topic where we look at different parts of the world and go into detail on North and South America. We also look at Rivers and oceans to help children build a picture of what our world looks like.