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Year 3 Autumn 1 2018 Curriculum Map: The Valley of The Kings


Music:  We will be singing will control and learning the meaning of musical words, pitch rhythm, pulse and tempo. The song for this half term- ‘Let my People Go’ is linked to the story of Moses.


R.E: Our topic for this half term is ‘What are Rules?’ We will be learning about Moses and the Ten Commandments. We will be exploring rules and why are they important? We will also be reading stories from the Old Testament .stories


P.E: The children will be doing gymnastics this half term.  Afterschool clubs this half term for Year 3 will be announced as soon as possible.


Art/DT: We will be doing collages, an Egyptian water colour and designing our own death masks.


Computing: We will be doing our class blog about the Ancient Egyptians.


Geography: We will be learning about the key features on a map. We will use maps and atlases and identify the 8 points of the compass.  To also locate the Mediterranean and explain why it is a popular holiday destination.


Science: We are focusing on the different areas of science these include: scientific enquiry, movement and feeding, light and shadows, rocks and soils. The children will be looking at the human skeleton and the role it plays in support, protection and movement. We will also learn about fertile soils linked to the Nile delta. We will compare soil and compost and test which is the best for growing.


History: We are learning about the achievements of an early civilisation (The Egyptians).  We are going to describe events and periods using the words BC and BCE and century. We are going to use timelines within a specific time in history. We are also going to explore the role of archaeologists. We will be learning about Egyptian gods and goddesses.


Literacy: This half term the children will be looking at familiar settings and instructions.. We will also be reading a variety of texts with familiar settings.  Please encourage your child to read regularly at home.  We will be reading The Selfish Giant and writing a setting for the Giant’s Garden. In writing we will be using adjectives, adverbs and imperative verbs to improve our writing.


Maths: We will revisiting addition and subtraction strategies. We will also use inverse operations to find missing numbers in calculations. We will be doubling and halving 2- 3 digit numbers.  Along with learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We will also learn about the place value of 2-3 digit numbers. Children will also continue to use number bonds for 10, 20 and 100. We will also learn about more than and less than. Time  and rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 will also be covered.


School Trip: We have no trips planned for this half term.


PSHE: Our topic is ‘We’re all Stars.’ The children will be devising a class charter. Children will be creating our class rules. The children will also be taking part in a democratic process to elect school councillors, Eco councillors and Safety Cadets