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Year 3, Spring 2 Curriculum Map: Third Rock From the Sun !


Music: We will be listening to Gustav Holst and learning to use the glockenspiel and percussion instruments.


R.E: Our topic for this half term is 'that's not fair or is it?'. We will be discussion how we help others, Christian Aid, Islamic Relief and/or Oxfam and how it began and Comic/Sport Relief.


P.E: We will be going outdoors for PE.  And swimming lessons will take place on Tuesdays. (please ensure your children have PE and swimming kits).


Art/DT: We will create line drawings of rocks and Stonehenge.


Computing: We are learning ‘Sequencing and Animation’ coding concepts to illustrate simple stories or a sequence of events using ‘Discovery Coding’


Geography: We are learning about volcanoes, earthquakes and human features in locality.


Science: We are learning about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, fossils and soils.


History: We are learning about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age; Bronze Age religion, technology and travel; and Iron Age hill forts.


Literacy: We will be looking at a variety of non-fiction texts and will be identifying the different presentation of the texts, e.g. headings, subheadings, captions, diagrams etc in information books. We will participate in discussions about non-fictional text and use this to create our own reports.


Maths: We are learning to subtract amounts of money by counting up; adding 2 or 3 digit numbers (mentally and written); telling the time and timing events; time intervals; ordering 3 digit numbers; subtracting 2 or 3 digit numbers by counting up; mental subtraction methods; doubling and halving; multiplying using the grid method; practicing calculations; and number puzzles.


PSHE: We will discuss our right to be different. How we show or hide our feelings and ways in which we can stand up for ourselves responsibly and safely.


School Trip: No school visits are planned as of yet for this half term.