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Year 3, Autumn 2 Curriculum Map: The Art Gallery


Music: Our music project is this half term. We will be composing our own music using different instruments to repeat patterns. We will be working in small creative groups with Mr Bradshaw.  Our song this half term is ‘Vincent’ by Don McLean.


R.E: Our topic for this half term is ‘What do people believe about god?’ We will also be taking part in the Christmas carol concert at the local church. All children will make their own Christingle to take to the church .


P.E: The children will be doing gymnastics this half term.  Afterschool clubs this half term for Year 3 are Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), art and athletics.


Art/DT: We will be making collages, drawing lines and mixing colours.


Computing: We will be using big robots and digital media linked to our art topic


Geography: We will continue to learn about the Mediterranean. Focusing on the diet in the Med. We will also explore different weather around the world. We will locate and name capital cities and countries in Europe.


Science: We are continuing to focus on the different areas of science these include: scientific enquiry, movement and feeding, light and shadows, rocks and soils. We are going to recreate Archimboldo’s painting. We will also explore the work of Andy Goldsworthy and use rocks and pebbles to create our own Goldsworthy creations. We will continue to learn about plants.


History: We are going to describe events and periods using the words BC and BCE and decade. We are going to use timelines within a specific time in history. We will also be using mathematical knowledge to work out how long ago things happened.


Literacy: This half term the children will be looking at play scripts. Year 3 will explore different characters and the structure of plays. We will also be exploring performance poetry. The children will read a variety of poems to see how emotion and tone can be expressed in poetry.  Please encourage your child to continue to read regularly at home.


Maths: We will continue to revisit addition and subtraction strategies. We will also use inverse operations to find missing numbers in calculations. We will also use different multiplication and division methods. Doubling and halving 2- 3 digit numbers.  We will also do daily times tables. 2D and 3D shapes and their properties will also be revised this half term. We will also explore fractions of shapes and amounts.


School Trip: We will be visiting the World Museum Liverpool to learn about what life was like in Ancient Egypt. We will also explore different paintings in the Walker Art gallery.


PSHE: Our topic is to be friendly and be wise. We will also explore getting on and falling out in our SEAL circle times.  Also during daily worship in class we will be reading and discussing parables in the New Testament and other religions.