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Spring 2

EYFS Reception topic - Spring 2 - We all live in a Yellow Submarine


Personal and Social Development: We will be making a class newspaper to celebrate the children’s gifts and talents. We will be introducing some permaculture values: using earth care; people care and fair share as ways of caring for others and nature. We will be looking at stories and the effect of a character’s behaviour on others.


Communication and Language: We will be giving children the opportunity to look at photographs of their year in reception so far and discuss it. We will be having daily news time, with one group per day, throughout the week. Also the children will get a range of opportunities to develop their communication skills through role play and practical activities.


Physical Development: We will improve our fine motor skills through developing our cutting skills. We will be making jam, (Strawberry Fields Forever); batter making for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and collages of the album cover Abbey Road. We will be dancing to Beatles’ songs and talking about the effect exercise has on the body.


Literacy: We will continue working through the phonics’ phases. We will be developing new opportunities for writing in our bird hideout; in an Octopuses’ Garden outside and in the song writing studio indoors. We will learn new rhymes and read stories that have repetition and / or different locations.


Maths: The children will continue to have adult led maths sessions as part of our morning carousel of activities and we will be developing new opportunities for real life maths in our allotment area and a new role play area of a Garden Centre. We will be playing lots of games that require keeping a score or tally.


Understanding the World: We will be looking at changes outside as the seasons change. We will be having a ‘Chase Winter Away’ day, based on an eastern European tradition. Details to follow. We are also hoping to visit a local old peoples’ home as we will be listening to ‘When I’m 64.’


Technology: We will be using technology to record our songs and stories. Mr Seldon will be supporting us when the children work on the laptops and I pads. We will be using the Bee Bots in class and will also explore pulleys and torches.


Home Readers: Home readers will now be changed after school on a Monday, rather than during the school day. This means that they will be returned to your child on the Tuesday. Please keep the books at home for the whole week and weekend, so that your child can read them several times to develop their fluency.


PE: Please can all children have a PE kit in school.  PE takes place on a Friday morning in the infant hall.


Home School Diaries: Please return your home school diary to school this week so that we can send out new activities for your child to complete.


HELP WANTED PLEASE ! If you would be able to help run a book exchange for parents and children after school on our yard for 10 minutes, one day a week, please let me know asap. Thank you. Mrs Sayer


ITEMS WANTED PLEASE ! If you have any packets of seeds, (half empty is fine), or items for our allotment / role play garden centre, we would be very grateful for any donations. Thank you. Mrs Sayer