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Spring 1

Year 6 Spring 1 Topic Web: The Industrial Revolution


PE: Gymnastics will be the focus in P.E. this half term. Children will learn to use floor exercises involving balance, agility & coordination. They will create their own sequences in small groups.


Maths: We have a major focus on fractions, decimals and percentages. We will investigate the relationships between them including: equivalences, conversions, amounts of whole numbers & problem solving (including real life situations such as, percentage reductions when shopping etc).  Our shape work will concentrate on coordinates; translations, reflections and rotations.


Literacy: We are continuing to read & discuss our classic fiction novel; Carries War by Nina Bawden.  This half term, we have a focus on poetry and we will be reading a range of poems and we will be writing poems using a range of figurative language (similes, metaphors, alliteration & personification). We will be writing a non-chronological report based on our topic; transport during the Industrial Revolution. We will also take a cartoon strip and convert it into a narrative story for an older audience.


History: This half term, we will be studying the impact of the development of the railways during Victorian times. Our local study will concentrate on the Rainhill Trials and the Rocket steam engine. We will look at famous engineers and the rail network in the UK.


R.E.  Children will investigate how religious meaning can be expressed through art. They will explore messages in Christian art  through Byzantine iconography and they will explore music as a means of expressing faith and worship.


Music: We will be creating a musical timeline ranging from Mozart in the mid 18th century, to Timothy Jackson- a contemporary composer. Children will investigate feeling and mood in several pieces of classical music.


Homework: Maths homework will reflect the topics covered this half term including some revision of times tables. English homework will comprise of comprehension activities and ongoing spellings.