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Reception Learning

Reception Spring 1 Topic Web: Wonderful Weather.


We have P.E on Friday mornings. Please ensure your child has a P.E kit in school with all items clearly labelled. P.E kits stay in school and are sent back home before every half term break.


Book bags should be returned to school every Monday to be changed. Wednesday 13.2.19 - Weather and Space themed dress up day.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will explore different emotions through circle time.  We will be focusing on Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, finding out what we can do to help others and our environment. We will continue to have news and Show and Tell time to promote confidence and to get to know children’s interests.


Physical Development: We will continue to have daily gross-motor activities in class including yoga, massage and wake up and shake up dancing.  We will be focusing on what happens to our body after and during exercise and how this feels. We will introduce ‘Dough Disco’ to strengthen our fine motor skills.


Communication and Language: We will sing and chant lots of rhymes and songs daily. We will read lots of fiction and non-fiction books related to Weather. We have story telling sessions with props to encourage speaking and listening with peers. We have a post office role play area to support the children’s speaking and listening skills through real life experiences.


Understanding the World: We will be setting up a Chinese Supermarket in our home area to celebrate Chinese New Year. We will talk about our local and school community exploring the jobs and roles within them. We will look at changes in weather and seasons, recording a chart. We will be using lots of real life technology including phones, intercoms, school lift, photocopier and a CD player to broaden technology experiences.


Expressive Arts and Design: We will be creating a giant action storm painting using lots of different media and materials. We will use musical instruments to make our own beats and sounds. We will build homes outside from large bricks and blocks, using different materials for the roof, experimenting which materials are best for a windy and rainy day. We will learn how to safely use a variety of tools and materials.


Literacy: Our main ‘Talk 4 Writing’ texts will be ‘Elmer’s Weather’ and ‘How to Catch a Star’. We will be acting out the stories, sequencing the events in a story map, modifying the characters and setting then having a go at writing and telling our own story with the structure already learnt. Daily we will have stories, songs, rhymes and phonics. We will write labels and captions, look at letters and numbers in the environment and draw and label our models we make.


Mathematics: We will be focusing on teen numbers and addition. We will explore length, height and capacity using mathematical language to describe and compare. We will reinforce matching spoken numbers and written numerals to appropriate quantities to 20. We will be using bee-bots to support positional language and direction. We will use real life maths throughout the day and in our learning areas indoors and outdoors.