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Phonics Update: December 2016

As well as all our performances, parties and craft work, we have assessed each child’s phonetical knowledge and skills, and the great news is that all have made some progress since they started in September.


It would be great if you could keep this ‘ticking over’ during the holidays. To help you do this, we’re providing an overview of the Phonic Phase at which your child is working, a letter mat, like the ones we use in school and a complete list of words that can be blended-to-read or segmented and written in each phase.

Please practise, using the letter mat:

  • Pointing to a letter or group of letters, and asking your child to tell you they sound it/they make.
  • Saying a sound and asking your child to point to the letter or group of letters that make that sound. If your child struggles with this, give them a clue to the picture that is on the letter mat for that sound.
  • If your child is finding this easy, use the word lists from ‘Letters and Sounds’ to read and write complete words.


The summaries of Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics are available on the Reception class page.


Link to ‘Letters and Sounds’

Word lists on pages 75/76, 106-109, 132/133


Links to Twinkl for Letter Mats

Phase 2:

Phase 3: