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Phonics Update April 2017

Phonics Update, April 2017


Learning the sounds made by different letters or groups of letters, and using this in reading and writing is a key early literacy skill for young children. Hence we continue to have a phonics session first thing in the morning, as soon as we’ve taken the register. The children are grouped to best suit their current knowledge and independence at applying it. We monitor and change the groups throughout the year.


We are now providing a summary of work in Phase 4 for the children for whom this is applicable. It will also be available on our school website, along with the summaries of Phase 2 and Phase 3.


You might also find the ‘Letters and Sounds’ website useful for games and ideas to help reinforce phonic skills at home:


Link to the ‘Letters and Sounds’ document

Word lists on pages 75/76, 106-109, 132/133


Links to Twinkl for Letter Mats

Phase 2:

Phase 3: