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Philosophy for Children: Being Brave and Exploring

Philosophy for Children: Being Brave and Exploring

During the summer term our two Philosophy topics investigate being brave and exploring. Last half term we thought about ways we hd already been brave, for example when going to the dentist or learning to swim.
Today we thought about exploring. Spot liked to visit new places, he thought it would be good to see things that no one else had seen. Stripe preferred to go to places that he’d been to before.
Here are some of our thoughts:
• I’m a bit scared when it’s the first time but then I grow up. I’m still a little bit scared. I didn’t really want to go on holiday to France the first time; I wanted to stay at home. But I liked it when I got there, it was good.


• I prefer to go somewhere I know like Otterspool. I went to France and it was really good but I felt a bit nervous when I go to places I don’t know.


• I prefer to go to places I already know because I don’t know anybody in new places. I don’t know their names and I don’t know what language they speak.


• I like exploring! When I first went to Barcelona I was scared but then we went to the fair. It was really exciting and I loved it. We made some new friends and I’m looking forward to going again.


• I like to explore new places. I’d like to go somewhere I don’t know anything about. I would be scary but exciting too.


• I like to go to different places because it’s interesting and exciting. I went to France and I was looking forward to it. I enjoyed going somewhere different.


• I like exploring new places because they are fun. I went to Egypt and I wasn’t scared I was excited. It was different there because they spoke French. I found a friend that spoke English.


• I liked going to Turkey, I’ve never been before. I was excited to go there. It was different to Liverpool- it was very, very hot. If I was exploring a new place I’d be scared if I went just by myself but not if I went with my mum and dad.


• I feel scared about going to new places, but I would like to go to Venus because there might be lava there. I’d like to be a scientist exploring new planets.


• I like to stay in places I know, with my mum and dad and sister. If my family came with me then I would go to new places.
We will build on these ideas as we start to think about going to our new Year One class. We will give the children opportunities to ask questions and find out where everything is and who will be their new teacher. We will also give advice to a child who is feeling a bit worried about changing class. There will be opportunities for the children to visit their new class and spend time with their new teacher, and a change for families to meet the new teachers too. Hopefully this will make the transition smooth and easy, but if you have any worries, concerns or questions please do talk to a member of staff.