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We watched the Spot and Stripe video ‘Dragon’. Spot thought they should slay the dragon, but Stripe thought they should give it a chance and let it go. We voted and 22 children wanted to let the dragon go at first, and 6 thought we should slay it.


Here are some of our first thoughts:

  • They should let the dragon go and then it would fly away. If it was free to escape it wouldn’t need to hurt anybody.
  • If it was a real dragon it might hurt them, so they should kill it first.
  • I think they should let the dragon go. It might be dangerous to try to kill it, the dragon might hurt them.
  • If they kill the dragon, the person inside (the dragon costume) would die. If it was a real dragon it might get fire in its mouth and hurt them, so they would need to fight.
  • We shouldn’t slay it because that’s mean, we should be kind. Spot and Strip thought different things (about what they should do to the dragon) but they were still friends.
  • I think they should let the dragon go, and find it food and make friends with it when it is free. You’d have to be brave to make friends with a dragon, they can be scary.
  • I’ve got a book with a dragon in it, but it’s a different dragon, it does magic and likes children.
  • Because they’ve got both ideas, they don’t like the same things. I think not killing the dragon would be good, give it a chance. If they put the dragon in jail, he won’t have anything to do. They (Spot and Stripe) are knights, they’re supposed to do good things.
  • I think they should let the dragon go, and give it just one chance, because that’s more kind. Just because dragons are dangerous, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance and be kind. You can still be kind to dangerous animals, like bears and lions.
  • I think they should give the dragon a few chances to see what it does, and it if is bad, then they should kill it. The dragon might be hungry, loads of knights were chasing it, so he didn’t get food. If they killed the dragon it might fall on people and squash them.
  • You could kill a real dragon, no-one is inside it. People are more important than dragons.
  • I think you should give the dragon a chance. You don’t want to kill it at first, because you might hurt its feelings. And if Spot and Stripe kill the dragon, they might go to prison.
  • If it was a real dragon, they should slay it, because it might hurt somebody. You don’t want someone else to get hurt.
  • If I was the dragon I would fly away because I don’t want to hurt people.
  • I think they shouldn’t slay the dragon, it would be too dangerous to go near it.


In our first Philosophy for Children session, we discussed dragons. But we knew that dragons aren’t real, it was just a person dressed up in a dragon costume on the video. So we decided to discuss whether it was a good choice to kill real dangerous animals.


Here are some of our thoughts:

  • We shouldn’t kill dangerous animals. We went to the safari park last week and saw dangerous animals like rhinos. We stayed safe in the car and took photos. The monkeys jumped on the car and broke bits. If we killed all the dangerous animals I wouldn’t have gone to the safari park.
  • Sharks are dangerous. You can see them in special zoos sometimes. I saw a mummy shark and a baby shark. It wouldn’t be fair to kills the mummy shark because then the baby shark would be scared.
  • It’s not a good choice to kill dangerous animals. If you saw a dangerous animal in our school garden you should come inside to be safe. We could phone the safari park to come and catch the animal. The people could be safe and the animal could live at the safari park and not be killed.
  • Crocodiles are dangerous. It is dangerous to try and kill them, they’ve got sharp teeth and might try to eat you. You should leave dangerous animals alone.
  • I went to a zoo in Ireland, and I saw a tiger. My dad wasn’t there, so we told him all about it. We can keep dangerous animals alive in safe places like zoos.
  • It’s not ok to kill an animal just because it’s dangerous. You should only kill an animal if it kills a person. Otherwise it might just want to play with you.
  • We shouldn’t kill dangerous animals. We should give them food. They could live in the zoo. Some animals can live in ages, but I don’t think they like it.
  • We should kill dangerous animals. They hurt people. Lions hurt people. I’ve only seen horses they aren’t really dangerous. I’ve not seen any really dangerous animals.
  • I’ve been to the safari park. I think I saw a lion. It’s ok for lions to be in safari parks, they like it because the get food. It’s better for a lion to be in a safari park than a zoo, because the lions have lots more space to move around.
  • It’s ok if an animal is in a zoo, in a cage, but you still shouldn’t stick your finger in because it might get bitten. I think animals like being in zoos, because they stay safe and have lots to eat and are with other animals.
  • I think if you saw a tiger, well it’s just a very big cat, so you should train it, like you can a cat. If you train it, you’re not letting it be unhappy in a cage or hurt people. If you train it, it can live free. It might be hungry, that’s why it hunts for food. It would need somewhere to live (like a rabbit has a hutch) and somewhere to wee and poo.
  • When I was in Botswana I saw lots of dangerous animals. I went on a night drive and I saw a herd of elephants. One was huge and really scary. They were so scary we just had to go away. The big elephant that was scary was protecting his babies. I loved going on safari to see all the animals, but if they’d killed the dangerous animals I couldn’t have gone on safari, and I would fell so sad.
  • If there was a lion in a person’s house it would need to be killed, it would be too dangerous. But if it was just living in the wild, people should just leave it alone.
  • I think people should let tigers go. I sponsor a snow leopard, the money helps look after the animals in the wild. There aren’t many snow leopards left, so they need protecting, they’re endangered. Some people are killing them, and if they keep doing that, there will be no snow leopards left.
  • I think if there was a tiger in school, it would jump on the teacher and hurt them first. The teacher would protect the children. Then it would try to hurt the children. Someone would need to catch it and put it in a cage, or send it back to the wild.