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The final P4C topic follows on well from our thoughts about being brave. We watched the Spot and Stripe video ‘Exploring’. They were thinking about whether it was good to explore places you’ve never been before. Maybe it’s better not to explore because it might be dangerous. Hmm, what do you think?


First Thoughts Spot and Stripe Exploring video

After we had watched the video, we gave our first thoughts about whether it is good to explore new places, or if is it better not to explore in case it is dangerous. We are an adventurous lot!


  • I think it is good to go on adventure, because that was you get to explore new places that you haven’t been before. It’s nice to see what it’s like in other places. My daddy goes to new places, he helps people. He speaks with people who speak the same language as him.


  • I think you should go exploring. It might not be safe, there might be something dangerous on the way, maybe some wolves. You would think how to get past safely. You could feed the wolves so they didn’t eat you. It would be worth exploring because you might find something at the end that would make you rich, like treasure. Sometimes you have to be brave, but it’s worth it in the end.


  • I think it’s best to explore because you might find new wild flowers and tropical fruits. They are fruits like mango and coconut. They don’t grow in this country, it’s too cold. If you go exploring you might get to try new food.


  • I think it’s good to go exploring, you might see something exciting. I went exploring with my childminder and I saw trolls. Some were playing on a bridge, and some were on the swings.


  • You might get lost if you go to new places. If I was going exploring I would take a map with me, so I knew where I was. I like making maps in school, and I use them outside.


  • I like to explore because I like to see new things. I might see some flamingos. I saw them in the zoo, but I might go where they live in the wild.


  • I think it’s better to stay in places you know, in case you get hurt in the new place, if it’s not safe.


  • I like going to new places. You don’t know what is there, but there might be good things. When I go somewhere new I hope there is a playground or even a trail. I like riding on my bike to go to new places, I take sandwiches and crisps with me, in case I get tired.


  • If you go somewhere new, you might get lost, and you don’t know which way to go. If I was lost I would ‘phone someone, and they would come and get me home safe.


  • Sometimes I’m scared when I go somewhere new. My mummy or daddy will look after me if I am scared.


  • I like to go to new places because I like to see new animals. I don’t feel scared, I feel excited when I go somewhere new.


  • I would rather stay safe in places I know. If I go somewhere new I feel a little bit scared. If I go somewhere new I like to have my mum with me.


  • It might be fun to go exploring. I might get a little bit scared. I go to new places that have maps so I know where I am and so I’m not scared. After I’ve been exploring I like to go back home.


  • When we went to our holiday house we saw a really big waterfall. I was glad I went somewhere new. Some of my friends came with me too. It was good having my friends there with me.


  • If you go somewhere new you could light a campfire and sleep there and that would be good. But If it was raining that wouldn’t be so good. If I have nightmares in the night, I would just cuddle up with my dad.


  • If you want to go exploring you should check the place out first to see if it’s safe. You could type it in on your phone to see if it was safe before you went.


The following week, we talked about the places we would like to visit. It’s important that we can explain our ideas, and give reasons for our choices. Talking in this way, we learn that not all children like the same things, and listen respectfully to each other. Everyone’s opinion matters.


  • I would like to go to Morocco. My dad says if I went there I could ride a horse. I might see some monkeys and I like going swimming too, to cool down.


  • I would like to go to America. My mum has told me there’s a big toy shop there. I might see a big clock there too.


  • I would really like to go to New Zealand. I like the towers and the flags there. I haven’t been there, but my mum showed me photos on the internet. My mum hasn’t been there either, one day we would like to go there for a holiday.


  • I would like to be a space explorer and visit other planets. I wouldn’t be scared, it would be so interesting.


  • I like to go to my aunty’s house, she lives in Holland. She has a baby, called Flora. She is cute!


  • I would like to go to the beach. The normal one I go to isn’t too far to get there. I would take a towel and a surfboard. I like going there because it makes me feel happy.


  • I would like to go to Wonderland because it has got lots of rides. I do feel a bit scared on some of the rides, but I still want to go on them.


  • I want to go to Legoland because I will see lots of Lego things and I might go to a shop.


  • I would like to go to Disneyland because I want to see lots of Disney princesses.

Our advice for a child starting a new class

Today we met Kim. Kim is worried because soon she will be going into a new class at school. We tried to think of things to help Kim. Some of us are feeling a bit nervous about starting Year 1. Sharing our ideas about what to do helped us feel less nervous too.



Here are some of our great ideas:

  • Kim could ask her new Miss, or she could go to visit her new class. Year One isn’t scary really, you just need to be brave.


  • Ask the teacher what it is like in Year One. I would ask the Year One children too, because I am a little nervous when I think lots about Year One.


  • First, give your mummy or daddy a cuddle. Then when you are in school ask the teacher about Year One.


  • You could visit Year One. If you visit Year One you might like it. You might want to talk to your friend in Year One.


  • You could talk to the Worry Monster. Go and have a look in Year One.


  • You can speak to the Worry Monster to get all your worries out.


  • Ask the teacher what it is like in Year One. Remember your friends will be going with you.


  • You will make more friends in Year One. You can find someone nice, one of the big children, to show you Year One.


  • You could tell the teacher that you are worried. She could ask one of your friends to look after you.


At St Michaels we have a Worry Monster. It lives in Miss Larsen’s room. If we are worried, we can tell it our worries, or draw or write them and put them in the monster’s pocket.