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Nursery Learning

Next Stay and Play: Wednesday 27th March


Our Key Focus Chicken Licken, Jobs people do for a living

Nursery Spring 2 Topic Web: People who help us.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We are introducing yoga to the children to help us relax, form good relationships and think about appropriate touch.


Physical Development: We are learning to put on and fasten our coats independently. We will enjoy moving to music in a variety of ways with pleasure and confidence.


Communication and Language: During our circle times we will be concentrating on looking at our friends while they are speaking. We will take turns to share our ideas with each other.


Expressive Arts and Design: We will be inspired by Kandinsky and still life to create pictures exploring colours and how they can be changed.


Understanding the World: We are exploring different occupations and ways of life. We are meeting a range of people who help us.


Literacy: We will use props and pictures to sequence and act out Chicken Licken joining in refrains and anticipating key events and phrases in the story. We will be practising writing our name when we come in to nursery. We are learning to recognise the phonics sounds SATPIN


Mathematical Development: We will be comparing quantities and using the language of ‘more’ and ‘less’ In line with our art topic we will be finding shapes in the environment and talking about their properties.