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Nursery at a glance

Nursery at a glance – Autumn 2


Our Topic is: Light and Dark where we live.


Newsletter: November


Nursery Staff are: Mrs Crook, Mrs Payne, Mrs Dodd, Mrs Fortune, Ms Edwards, Mrs Newby.


Hall Time: Friday morning. Sometimes we take off our shoes and socks so please practise this at home.



We do Spanish on: Thursday afternoon and Thursday mornings.


We often cook on :Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon.


We send home toy diaries on: a rolling programme. Please add drawings, photos or writing to the diary.


We send homework Books on: A rolling programme , often with the Toy Diary.


Each child needs: a bag with a change of clothes in case of toileting accidents and bad weather mishaps!


Our next Stay and Play is:

Tuesday 5th December for Parrots and Foxes.

Wednesday 6th December for Dolphins and Turtles

Come and chat to the staff about your child.


The Christmas Party is on Thursday 21st December.