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Links to Nepal

Our school, St Michael in the Hamlet, is linked with a school in Nepal. The school is called Chhachowk and it is in the village of Chhachowk in a mountainous region of Nepal.



Sara with the head and students at Chhachowk school in May when she handed over the science equipment.

We have developed this link through The Pahar Trust. Our school community governor, Sara Parker, had already established links with a school in Sikles several years ago and we had taken part in link activities. This inspired us to establish our own school link and Chris Hughes from The Pahar Trust visited Nepal and chose the school in Chhachowk to link with ours.

In the autumn term we sent letters, photographs, Christmas cards and booklets about the local area. We even included a DVD of our school play Shrek. The pupils in Chhachowk are very interested in learning about the geography of Liverpool so we sent them a large booklet about all the wonderful places to visit in Liverpool.

We have already established some penpal links and four members of the school council have planned how to further develop links. In the summer term we are going to have one of our fabulous food tasting days and we will be trying new food form Nepal.

Chris from The Pahar Trust gave a talk to parents on November 20th 2014, so that all of our community had the opportunity to be involved in the link.
Sara Parker, our Community Governor, visited Chhachowk in December 2014 and took all the different things classes had prepared to be delivered to the school. Sara stayed with villagers overnight in Chhachowk for the first time.

We have sent Miss Bennett to Nepal in Spring 2017, see article below 'Miss Bennett's Trip to Nepal', and hopefully we will bring one or two teachers from Nepal to our school in the future.

These are exciting times for us. The children love to see photographs of Chhachowk in our assemblies and receive letters from their penpals. The school in Chhachowk is hoping to have internet access soon and this will enable us to enrich our links further.

If you have any questions, please see me at the end of the school day, Mrs Sayer, Extended Schools Manager

Fairis in Nepal

Fairis is traveling around Nepal - his adventures will soon be published as a book aimed at Primary school children giving insights into Nepal and Fair Trade

School Council Present cheque Mrs Parker - See link below

Pen Pal letters given to Mrs Parker - See link below