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Key Focus: Understanding the World, People & Communities

People who help us: Spring 2

Our theme this half term is ‘People who help us’. We will have visits from our site manager and a school cleaner, a lollipop man, a doctor, a vicar. Following on from these visits we will role play some of the jobs and activities. We will also use books and the internet to find out more about different ways of life.

This interesting and engaging topic supports our children’s speaking and listening skills, as they talk and ask questions to find out information, and hold conversations in different roles. They also are starting to learn to think about different points of view, who might need help, and how they can help each other.

We will encourage them to take on helping roles in the nursery, both on the day to day tasks like tidying up, finding resources and organising snack. There will also be occasions when a child is upset or hurt and their friends can help them.

If you work in a job where you help people, we would love you to come in and talk to our children. Please talk to any of the nursery staff to arrange this. You can also talk to the children about ways you help each other in your family, and encourage your child to join in with appropriate tasks.


You can find out more information and play ideas on this websites:


There are lots of videos you can watch on youtube, and talk about with your child, for example:

We would love to see photos or things you make at home, and will put some photos of our activities on our class page of the school website.