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Helping Your Child at Home

Introduction to your Maths and Literacy Resource Pack

At St Michael in the Hamlet Community Primary School, we recognise the importance of parental involvement in children’s learning.

Parental involvement in children’s education, from an early age, has a significant effect on educational achievement.

With this in mind, we have put together a pack of resources which will give you an indication of some of the concepts that will help your child to become confident and fluent readers and mathematicians. A 'hard copy' of the Literacy Pack is given to parents and carers.

In addition, the Maths resource packs are available online in the ‘documents section’ below. The maths pack includes various ideas and suggestions for maths activities that you can enjoy doing with your child at home. It is not an exhaustive list and you will doubtless have many more ideas of your own, but we hope that you will find the current explanations and examples of calculation strategies useful when assisting your child with maths.