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Health Living


At St Michael in the Hamlet we believe that a healthy school is one that is successful in helping pupils to do their best and build on their achievements. We are committed to ongoing improvement and development of children in all areas of their lives. This page will showcase all the activities we do throughout the year to support and enhance our children’s health.


Healthy Living Days

Each year we dedicate two days to concentrate on healthy living through a wide range of different activities and workshops. This year our focus was all about the effect drugs can have on your body. For our little ones (Nursery to Year 3) we looked at the different types of medicines and how to keep ourselves and others safe around them. The younger children got to look at the types of bacteria that are in our bodies that might make us sick. They used special scientific instruments.

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Other activities included circuit training, healthy soup tasting, and a yoga session.

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Healthy food café

Parents from Years 1 and 2 were invited along to make a healthy sandwich and fruit salad. Prior to the session the children enjoyed designing their sandwich and fruit kebab. After, they enjoyed tasting it, and then got to evaluate what they liked about their food and what they would maybe change next time.

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Walk to School Week

This takes place twice a year. And it is an opportunity for the children to walk to school. We are teaching our children that walking to school is healthier, more enjoyable and better for the environment. If families live too far away you can park your car a little further away then walk to school. This reduces congestion around Neilson Road and Burdett Street making it a lot safer for the children entering school.


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Mindfulness activities


KS1 and KS2 have been taking part in yoga sessions on Fridays. This has been helping them to exercise, develop confidence, and concentrate better as well as develop relaxation techniques.



Future events to look out for

We will continue with our successful breakfast mornings from January 2018. Last year this was a huge success and the children really enjoyed tasting different healthy breakfast snacks.


Parent Food Cafés will start in the New Year and it will be a fantastic opportunity for families to come together to be served and cooked by their children.

Healthy Kids Recipes


Lighter Chicken Tacos


Super Healthy Pizza


Barbecued Chicken Fajitas


Health for families

Below are some links to further support healthy living and positive wellbeing.


Cosmic Kids – free adult led yoga stories for young children.


Meditation & Buddhism for Kids at Kadampa Meditation Centre Liverpool


Yogabears – Liverpool Yoga Studios, Great Crosshall Street, Liverpool, L3 2AP


Lifestyles – Liverpool City Council –